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What is it? Will it ...

clare s
My 6 year old daughter has an eye prescription of +0.75. Is this normanl at this age?
My daughters optician says she needs glasses to correct this. I dont think she has had a problem with her eyes and i have read that alot of children when young have slightly long sightedness and it clears up without any glasses when the muscles grow.
I dont want her eyes to get dependant on glasses if there is a chance it will sort itself out. Anyone with any experience?
Help and please serious answers only.

+0.25 is normal- +0.75 is for headache problem

Don't worry - if she regularly wear glasses then it'll be fine SooN

glen w
talk to ur options there the only ones that will know the answer.

There's no such thing as normal when it comes to optical prescriptions and even if there were it doesn't matter in the slightest. What matters is that she needs glasses of that strength and it's your duty to get them for her.

If you have any questions you should direct them at your optician, not ask for unqualified opinions on the Internet.

if you are unsure bring her to another optician best thing to do

i think this will help her when doing homework or anything up close - there are so many children out there that are worse than your daughter so dont worry but get her the glasses to help her with her schoolwork

My 6 and 10 year olds have this perscription! The diffrence is, my 10 year old was complaining about headaches, blurred vision, etc. My 6 year old has no complaints. The eye doc said it is a focusing issue with them. My 10 year old wears her glasses for reading my 6 year old doesn't. He told me unless the 6 year old started to complain of blurred vision, or headaches not to put them on her. He wrote her out a glasses perscription incase she does need them in the next year. Hope this helps.

assuming she's +0.75 in both eyes (and not just one eye) MOST of the time MOST eye doctors would probably not prescribe that to a 6 year old. there are exceptions, of course, but in most cases i personally wouldnt Rx that (assuming all else equal/normal)

In a 6-year old, +1.25 might be nearer the average!

+0.75 in a six year old utterly does not need prescribing...
UNLESS there is evidence of eye strain, lack of binocular cooperation or unequal development of the two eyes.
THEN it could be important to give it.

Any optician who wants to give a child that young that Rx only because "it's there" with no other grounds makes me suspicious.

Optometrist, retired.

Rick A
I work for VSP (Vision Service Plan). We are a vision insurance company. +0.75 is not a very strong prescription and I've seen much stronger in children under 4 years old. My daughter is 12 and her Rx is +4.25. Your daughter will be able to see much better with glasses but she should only have to wear them for reading.

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