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 I'd like to have LASIK surgery. Anyone had it done and bitterly regrets it? If so, why? Thank you in advance.

 What do I tell my eye doctor during my exam if I can't read one of the lines on the eye chart?
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 If you have perfect vision, would it damage your eyes if you wear someone's prescriprion glasses?
for several minutes maybe...
Additional Details

 Lasik eye surgery?
is it worth it? im 20 am i old enough for it? what is the average cost of having it done? my 90 year old great grandma has better vision then me ...

 At the eye doctor....?
they dilated my eyes, like 3 hours ago, and they are so HUGE!
the black part takes up almost all the green part. I didn't wear the glasses, they broke, what's going to happen and when ...

 Pupil Size (eyes) !!!!!!!!!!!!?
well, my eyes are a greyish sortof blue,, and most people compliment on my eyes,, which is fab!

but my eyes seem to look **better** when the pupils are really small, because it shows more ...

 How to make my eyes better naturally?
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I have slept with my contacts in for a while and I just took them out. My eye sight seems very blurry will it go back to normal? Is it just because I got used to seeing with 20/20 vision?...

 Is it possible to have an eyeglass store/eye doctor put sunglass lenses in vintage eyeglass frames?
I need a new pair of sunglasses but can't find something I like. If I buy a pair of vintage eyeglass frames, is it possible for an eye doctor/Pearle Vision (or whatever) cut out custom sunglass ...

 What glasses does Bill Gates wear?

 Where is the love ?
where is the love when the rose is not openning?...

 This might be a dumb question...but I've been curious for years?
I had perfect vision until I was twenty. Now I get new glasses every two years and the perscription is always stronger. My mom had a similar problem at a similar age and ended up with very strong ...

 If I lie on my eye exam?
Im going to get an eye exam to get contacts, and I was wondering, if I lie, will they give me a prescription for stronger contacts? And btw they are doing the thing where they but that machine to ...

 How do you improve eyesight?
I have insanely bad eyes (close to -7)
and i was wondering if there was any way i could improve my eyesight so that I'm not blind by 19 ^^;

Additional Details
ive been ...

 I'm 16 and have a Lazy Eye, can anything help it?
The lazy eye isn't as bad as others, but it's noticeable, would I be too old to be able to correct it , if so how would this be done (without expensive laser stuff)...

 PLEASE Help me! 10 pts for best answer :) Answer, please?
I'm a 16 year old boy who would like to wear glasses... The problem is... I don't really need them! My eyes are perfectly fine! But I've been told that I look 4-5 years older ...

 My right eye is bloodshot and burns really badly....i think i have a corneal infection from my contacts...read
it hurts REALLY bad
its been hurting since yesterday like around 4 pm and its 900 am right now
it got really blood shot and started to tear up really bad and burn like hell i put eye drops ...

Hi guys. I am really pissed cause my eye doctor is trying to pull a trick on me. I got my eye exam like 13 months ago for contacts, but he did not give me any prescription, even though he is required by law!!! Now I want to get some more on-line, so I called him for the prescription. He told me that I have to get examined again because it has been more than a year, and he wont give me the old ones cause it's expired. Can he do that? What can I do about this? My old lens prescription works fine. All I need is few more boxes!!!

He can do it because of the time frame. It is a system set up for doctors, not average Joe and it stinks!

I would harass him by phone and letter a few times to see if he coughs up!

lets speak dinosawr together :]
the prescription is right on the box duh!

Contacts are considered invasive since they sit on the eyes, which are different than glasses, and it is necessary for you to get them checked every year. You can still order them online but you must get a new Rx from the doc.

nick e
Firstly, if its expired he is doing nothing wrong by not giving it to you...he's actually doing you a favour...evidently he cares more about your eyes than you do.

"My old lens prescription works fine".... yes? The reason that you need an eye exam done every year has NOTHING to do with trying to make you see clearer. It has EVERYTHING to do with monitoring the health of your eyes.

I know optometrists who have cancelled contact lens prescriptions simply because the person was too much of a liability.... they refused to listen to their advice or wore lenses in an incorrect manner.

Yes, he CAN do that. If you have not had an eye exm in more than a year, he sure can do that.

You need an exam.

They can do it if you haven't been in for a checkup within the last 12 months.

This is not a trick. A prescription is only good for one year to have refilled.

Judy B
If this is a prescription for contacts, then even if he had given it to you last year, it would now be expired and you would need a re exam for contacts.

The doctor is legally responsible for the fit, safety and performance of any lenses he prescribes; he must re examine you to ensure that nothing about your eyes has changed and that the lenses are not causing a health problem for your eyes.

Lori L O^O
Welll, in most states they do not have to give you the Contact lenses RX at all. The Glasses RX is the only one htat is required in every state. Your Contact lense RX would Expire in 12 months in most states as well. So, by law and by the Doctor's responsability to the laws, he is right and you are not. Unfortunately these are not hubcaps we are dealing with but EYES. Most Doctors will not take on the liability of going outside the laws nor the liability of re-prescribing lenses after a year without an exam. It is just not worth it to them to risk their licenses. So, Unfortunately you can not do much. Buck up like the rest of us and pay for your annual exam. Your eye health is worth it.

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