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 I see dark floaters in front of my eye.WHY?
Like they are not present all time but sometimes.Just like now when i am typing this i can see em in front of my eye.I recently went under medical exam in which they did some eye test and i was asked ...

 Help please! What's wrong with my eyes?
There is something wrong with my eyes, I think it may be to do with my 'condition' (I'm anorexic. I weigh 6 stone/84 pounds and am 5'7"). I'm getting worried. My eyes ...

 Will contact lenses work for my mom..her eyes are not perfectly round?
She tried them when she was a teenager and the eye doctor said her eyes are not perfectly round so she had to go with the hard contact lenses. She didnt like them and went back to glasses.
So is ...

 Red veins in eyes?
I have some minor redness in my eyes. It's not obvious to other people unless I tell them to look for it. The redness looks like clusters of veins and you can see more of it as I look to the ...

 How to re-gain eye power?
Hi friends,
I have eye power of -2.5 on my left and -2.75 on my right eye.
i heared that eye power can be re-gained by some eye exrcises. is it possible for me ?
If anyone know about ...

 What's my eye color?
what do you think??
Here it's the link

I think my eyes ...

 Question for people who wear contacts?
So like i just purchased these contacts . its not for seeing, only for cosmetic purposes! HOwever i dont konw how to put it on.. im scared i might poke my eye. I dont have a problem poking the white ...

 Do you need a special contact lens for astigmatism?
I wear contacts, and the doctor prescribed me the same power for both eyes, -6.5. No different brand, no different type - just the same power. Now, my right eye has always been worse than my left, ...

 Can a doctor help my problem with my eyes which dry out easily?
I have to work in an air conditioned place and I've had a problem that other's don't seem to have. That is, when I walk around the building, in about 30 minutes my eyes are becoming ...

 What kind of doctor do you go see for eye problems?
I have some kind of bump under my eye lid. Do I go to the places that do exams and prescriptions or is there another type of eye doctor?...

 3 yr old niece keeps blinking her eyes? is this something that i should have checked out asap?
she has been doing it for about 4 days also her eyes are kind of squinty while she blinks repeatedly she doesnt seem to have anything in them or be in any pain and they look normal (i am watching her ...

 Can I wear colored contacts without a prescription?

 Does Insurance cover Laser eye surgery?

I have a horrible vision problem, my eye doctor told me 5 years ago that my vision problem would at least remain the same and not get worst. However, it has, i used to be able to ...

 I have been to many doctors for eye examinations, and they say I am okay.?
But they are still hurting me, especially when I am working at the computer. What should I do?...

 Lazer surgery for astigmatic eyes?
i am astigmatic (1.50) and also myopic.. i know myopia can be treated by lazer operations but i havent got a clue about astigmatism.. anyone knows, dont hesitate to answer... thanx already

 When you are using eye contact where do you concentrate on?
Obviously the eyes so dont reply wit that, but I can't look in BOTH eyes, only in one. So instead, i look at the person's nose.

What does everybody else do? ...

 I accidentally fell asleep with my contacts on?
I know that if you do that often, you can get ulcers... I got home last night and went to straight, completely forgetting I had them on... Just one time shouldn't harm me, right?

 How High of a Prescription is This?
I have a -13.00 on both eyes. I cannot function without contacts/glasses. I can only see colors without it. I've always known I was pretty near sighted, but when mentioning it to a friend, she ...

 Glasses price?
i accidently brok this kid's glasses. He told me that i would have to give him 600 dollars to repair them. He's probably exaggerating rite? He's only thirteen.
Additional Details<...

 Double vision?
i have been having double vision since last year, but when i close one of my eyes my double vision is still there, what eye condition could i possibbly have?...

Legally Blind?
What does it mean if someone says they are legally blind?

‚ô•I Love My Baby‚ôāBoy‚ô•
like their eye site is really bad! so bad that they cant see anything without corrective lenses. but they can still see like things move around its just one giant huge blur.

My uncle was legally blind. My dad told me that it was basically when you have terrible vision, and people and objects are literally blurs to you. You can't truly tell who or what something is, until you see it up close. :|

when the government says that someone is blind

Janice R
I am legally blind in one eye, and what that means in practical terms is that I can't see the big E at the top of the eye chart. The legal standard is 20/200 corrected. It does not mean that I live in a dark world of shapes and blurs. I can drive and read and hold a job.

It means they have some sight, but their sight is so bad that they function in a world of blurs and shadows, do driving, probably no reading, TV is mostly sound, etc. Squint your eyes until they are all but closed in a dim room.. you will have a basic idea of what they see.

You can get disability benefits if you are ‚Äúlegally blind‚ÄĚ
You may qualify for Social Security or SSI disability benefits if you are considered ‚Äúlegally blind.‚ÄĚ We consider you to be legally blind if your vision cannot be corrected to better than 20/200 in your better eye, or if your visual field is 20 degrees or less in your better eye.

The term "legally blind" describes a specific level of visual impairment that is considered sufficient to be entitled to certain protections and services, such as Social Security Disability Insurance, special rates on public transportation, and legal recourse under the Americans with Disabilities Act and similar laws. A "legally blind" person also cannot get a standard driver's license.

In the United States, "legal blindness" is defined as vision with an acuity of 20/200 or a range of vision of 20 degrees or less in the better eye after correction. I stress "after correction" because people have said to me, "I'm legally blind without my glasses." That's like saying you're homeless when you leave your house to go to work. Legally blind refers to your level of vision after you put your glasses on.

The 20/200 or less can be most easily understood with this example. Someone with 20/200 vision sees something as well at 20 feet as someone with vision corrected to normal sees at 200. That is, the legally blind person must be at least 10 times closer to make out the image.

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