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Donna B
Left my contacts in too long...eyes burning and hurt!?
Anyone have any suggestions what to do? My eyes feel like they're on fire and have shards of glass in them. OUCH! I use monthly contacts and left them in about a week too long.

Lauri S
To state the obvious, If you haven't already take them out. I recommend resting your eyes from contacts for a few days, wear your glasses.

me of course
i think it's time to schedule an eye exam. Best thing you could do for the time being is try visine, it should help.

Take your contacts off and use your glasses. Your eyes are dry and you may have a corneal ulcer. Use Refresh liquigels in the mean time. See your eye doctor. I'm an Optician and work with eye doctors. Good luck.

kate M
Use an eye wash with saline solution for refreshing, just saline solution in a small cup, many times a day. That will be very refreshing. Buy a hydrating eye gel,like Celluvisc, and use every four hours.
And of course don't use the contacts for a few days!!.
Good luck.

Just throw it away and put in a new one. If you look at that contact closely you'll probably see a break in it or maybe it's just too old already. It it's too old just take it out a clean it with a cleaning solution for a couple of minutes. That should take out the protein.

It shouldn't be too big of a deal, at least in the short term. I used to wear two week contacts and I would leave them in for a month at a time. Now I wear three day ones but I usually keep them in all week. Visine makes a product for contacts that you could try. Obviously, you shouldn't wear your contacts longer than the instructions say. If they hurt, you should take them out. The best thing is to give your eyes a rest. I try to leave mine out for two or three days before putting them back in. In my experience, if your eyes hurt when you take them out, after a nights sleep, they should feel better.

Lori L O^O
Put a cold compress on them ans sit back for about 20 minutes. Use some drops for dry eyes! Try to give your eyes a rest for a few days without your contacts!

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