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ask abOut me ♥__*
Is there anyway that my ligh brown eyes can turn into gree over time like my dads eyes?
My mom has dark brown eyes and my dad has the light beautiful GREEN eyes.
I wish I had his eyes! Is there any way possible that my color can change over time? Or is that impossible?

Im a 15yr old female and Im a futernal twin if that helps!

Additional Details
No my eyes don't have green in them but I've noticed that there getting lighter and lighter, I have the lightest brown eyes.

Eyes can change colors, but only within about 3 yrs of age. My eyes changed color from deep blue to green when I was about five. You're too old for your eyes to change colors at this point, sorry!

The only way your eyes will turn green is if you use coloured contact lenses!


nope thats completely impossible. You can try tinted contacts though if you really want.

Being 15, it's not likely they will change. Although if you see a little green in your eyes now, they may get a little greener but not much.

My eyes are that way. Very dark brown when I was a kid and then started getting a little greener as I got older.

sassy_mom25, TTC#3
It is possible. I had dark brown eyes when I was little and as I have gotten older they have become a green with brown streaks. Not sure where it came from, mom has blue and father has brown eyes.

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