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 I have a friend whose has the following prescription. Can someone tell me how bad her eyesight really is?
OD Sphere -6.00 Cylinder -2.00 Axis:.25 OS: -5.25, -3.00,170...

 Has anyone ever had laser eye surgery? Does it hurt? Is your vision really any better?
I am considering having laser eye surgery as I have an eye condition called Nystagmus and although I know it will not cure the condition I have been made aware that it could be significantly improved ...

 Why is it that your eye can only roll around in your head only so far before stopping?

 Eye infection?
This morning, I woke up with so much mucus in my eyes, I couldnt open them. My left eye has been bloodshot all day, and Im rapidly producin g mucus in my eye compared ot teh normal human rate. So now ...

 Has anyone had corrective laser eye surgery??
I am short sighted and am sick of wearing contact lenses and glasses do i was looking into laser eye surgery. Has anyone had it done and is it worth it? Also how much did it cost you?...

 Cataract Surgery/Bifocals?
I'm 23, I originally had iritis, which started at age 19 and eventually lead to cataracts in both eyes.

I had cataract surgery about a year ago. After the surgery I got bifocals. T...

 Is there an eye condition which causes people to have an above average eye sight?
My daughter was refered to the hospital last year because during an eye exam she happened to mention that when she reads she has above line bluring(when the words she sees blur making two lines of ...

 Odd sensitivity to television?
I have a flat tube television and never had this problem until I got cable. Basically, my eyes strain and i start to get a headache every time I watch cable television (within 6 minutes)
BUT if I...

 Eye problems,HELP ME!!!!?
My eyes burn almost every single DAY! And every time I cry they burn then! am I going blind? HELP!...

 My eye is extremely red and itchy?
My right eye is itchy and stings a little tiny bit. So when I rub it, it immediately hurts and itches more and turns totally bloodshot and red. When I put a few eyedrops in it, the redness begins to ...

 Are glasses bad for eyes.?
I know they sell them, but my parents wont let me wear them because they keep saying that the longer you wear them the worse your eyes get. But I'm not sure what to beleive.

I really ...

 I'm confused about whether wearing glasses will only worsen you eyesight?
Well my parents reckon that if you're only slightly myopic (short/near sightedness) then wearing glasses will only make it worse, since your eyes become 'dependent' on the glasses. T...

 Black spots and flashes in vision cant handle changes in light, look at anything black see spots all the time!
Please help! My eyes see flashes and spots daily. I can't look at anything black without seeing a flash. I can't handle gloomy days as its worse. Going from indoors to out is bad and vise ...

 What vitamins are good for eye health?

 A floating spot in my vision?
I've had it for around 3 days, and it's beginning to get on my nerves, my eyes are sore, but in a tired and burning sort of way- I've not had enough sleep, been working lates for the ...

 Is it normal to go blind every so often?
Okay, it sounds like a stupid question but quite often my vision goes grey/black. Grey squares start to fill my vision from the edges and I have to stop and stand still until I am able to see again. I...

 Is Ingesting small doses of ink over an extended period of time will change your eye color slightly true?
yea i heard this off the ...

 I wanna b taller?

plz help,...

 Eyelashes blocking my vision?
I was taking medication last year and have since stopped (for the past 4 months) But ever since I've noticed something very strange with my vision. My eyelashes seem to be blocking the top and ...

 Are your eyes supposed to be really dry after wearing contact lenses for an entire day?

Additional Details
after a day of wearing contacts, my eyes can feel the cold air blowing against it... is this normal?...

ashi k
Is it safe or harmful to put lemon drops in eyes????????
one of my friend usually do this because her eyes are pale........
does lemon drops really help it out............

it hurts.
I dunno of its medicinal value.
But your eyes have water do prevent from drying.
Use eye drops.

don't put anything in your eyes !

why in the world would you ever put an acid in your eye?

that just hurt me reading it!♣

whats my name again
I'm guessing it would be kind of sore putting a citric acid into your eyes!!

No, it is not a good idea to put lemon drops in your eyes. It seem like it would burn a lot!! Its never a good idea to use home remedies to treat something - esp for your eyes. If she is concerned about something - consult her optometrist.

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