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Is it ok to wear "disposable" contacts more than once?
I purchase rather expensive daily disposable contacts, and just found out from a friend who worked for an optometrist that these contacts can be worn for more than one day...is this true?

well of course it's true. disposables come in 2 packages: u can dispose them after 2 weeks of wear or after 30 days of wear.

this is so funny that i have 2 thumbs down. lol.

I did that when I wore contacts. You just have to make sure you always clean them in solution.

Yes - that's what I've been doing with mine, ever since I started wearing contact lenses about 10 years (or more!) ago. I just put them in every morning, and take them out every night, rinsing/rubbing with solution and then storing in solution in the little lens case. I've never had a problem with them, and can often get 4-6 weeks out of them before disposing. That way, a box of 12 lenses lasts me almost a whole year (a good 9-10 months, anyway).

Hope this helps!

no. this is a common theme, even among some uneducated health care professionals.

its false. a daily disposable is not designed for more than one wear. they are paper thin with high water content and absolutely will not stand up to multiple handling events (removal and insertion).

sorry. "daily disposable" means 1 wear/1 handling event.

Nick C
Yes, they are actually made to be worn 3-5 days, just as long as you take care of them.

No. Daily contacts are just that, made to wear daily. The matrix of these lenses is very thin. They can rip or tear easier than 2 week disposables. Please listen to your optometrist or optician on the wearing schedule, not your friend.

I wear disposables and yes you can as long as you rinse them after used in a very mild contact's liquid. the bad thing is that they are quite fragile and they will brake easily.
I would not recommend use them more than 3 times because bacteria starts to build up and this kind of contacts do not do well will anti-bacteria liquids.
Good Luck!

you can if you keep them really clean, but I'd do it no more than a day or two...or used 2 or 3 times. be safe, it's only your eyes

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