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No I don't wear contacts and I clean my eye liner pencil and sharpener ...

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what happens if i sleep with contact lenses in my eyes???...

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 My eye doctor prescribed me glassses, how bad are my eyes?
1st line -.75
2nd line -.75 -----.-.25--------47

Which is my left and right eye. He said I have 20/30 vision.
PS. He said try glasses first to see at night time in areas ...

 Contact lenses?
I got contacts yesterday for the first time. When will i not be able to feel them? When will i not notice im wearing them? And if i cried while wearing them would it affect them at all?

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What part of my eye is ...

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my eyes hurt when i try to open them in light, it feels like i'm straining to keep them open with sunlight or lights on but in the dark i can open them fine and they don't hurt at all

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 Why are glasses still being sold, it's the 21th century. the standard eyewear are now contacts.?
glasses are from benjamin franklin days....

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I am a first time contact lenses wearer and i have acuvue extended wear lenses how long can i leave them in for really? The instructions say 6 days-nights. Someone told me i have to take them out ...

 Is an eye test free on the nhs?

 Cannot get a contact lens out?
wearing contacts for first time,was told to take out after a few hours,managed to take left one out,right one i cannot get out,tried everything,pouring the cleaning solution in my eye,splashing ...

 What is the main job of the respiratory system?

 What do i do about school and glasses?
im near sighted but i can still see far away. i wanna be able to see clearyly again without glasses. the only times i wear glasses is when im at school in math class because i sit far away from the ...

 What is it called when a person has two differently colored eyes?
One is brown and one is hazel or something like that. Is there a name for this occurence?...

Is it normal to only see in 2D?
I have this problem where I don't see things in depth. It's like the far side of my apartment is just as close as my hand in front of my face. Is that natural?

phoenyxx [peripeteia]
Only if you are a cartoon or are a real person in a cartoon.

pretty shy
actually, you are only supposed to see in the dimension one less than what you are. If you read the book Flatland, he explains it better. We are all three dimentional, so, we can SEE only two dimensions. If you look at a box, you can only see what is facing you. You cant see the back side which would make your vision three dimensional. If you were two dimensional, you'd only see a line of the other figure that was two dimensional, which is one less dimension, you see? Anyway, what you're talking about may be depth. We can tell how far away things are and what shape they are because we have two eyes. The fact that they are one two sides of our face allows our brain to see as much of the object as we can, and our brain and calculate how far away the object is. If you covered one of your eyes, for a while and saw a glass in front of you, try to grab it. It will be slightly more difficult. If you are having THIS problem even with both your eyes open, I'd say there may be a slight defect in your eyes or the part of your brain that connects to it. Go see your optomitrist.

That sounds like you have issues with depth perception.. you'll probably need to get that checked out, I think glasses can fix it.
It's probably not a good idea to drive if your eyes are like that... it gives you a lot higher chance of crashing.

S H actually i dint got you its 3D or 2D

no but its cool(:

i only get 15 minutes to 1 hour of sleep every day/night.
i see in black and white.
is that normal?

It's not normal, I think you have depth blindness (problems with your depth perception). You might want to look into it a little bit.

About one person in 30 has no stereoscopic vision, but there are lots of other cues (clues) to depth, so it is wrong to say that someone without it can't see depth.

Quite the reverse: humans can infer 3D from flat drawings. It's what we do every time we look at a photograph or a painting of a landscape.

Only if when you move you hand sideways and it seems like it's going to hit the TV screen across the room, or if you can't pour a drink into a glass, do you truly have 2D vision with poor or no depth perception.

Drew H
Yeah, if have an optical problem in one eye especially it can be hard to tell depth. In other words it takes two fully functioning eyes to tell depth.

yes, because the way you look through your vision decives you. Your hand is realy infront of your face it just looks that way beacause we dont have eyes on all sides of the room.

No of course its not
go to an eye physician ASAP

if you are not kidding !

this has actually happened to me before. it was realy weird, the trees off in the distant looked as if they were right behind the playground, yet at the same time, reallllllllllllllllllllllly far away.

no go get your vision tested. you might only be seeing in one eye.

No it's not normal, unless you only have 1 working eye.
It's the fact that you have 2 eyes looking at things from slightly different angles that give you your 3d vision, but if you only have one eye working correctly then you will see in 2d.

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