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Is it better to sleep with your contacts for one night, or to leave your lenses in plain water overnight?
many times i go someplace and i forget my lense solution so i sometimes dont know which would be the best option to do...thanx!

Joe M
Plain water is the best. Sleeping with them in is an easy way to lose one (also it'll get all folded up and dry out).

Putting them in plain water is a bad idea. One of my friends did it and he said it hurt like heck. Personally if I had no other choice I would just sleep with them in.

If you forget your solution rather than put the contacts in plain water which can cause deposits to build up, it's best just to leave them in .

sleep in them. Don't put them in plain water.

Neither are very good, but leaving them in are best. Plain water has a different chemical make-up to contact solution (obviously) and could damage them.

Leaving them in can cause your eyes to be irritated and dried out when you wake up, so take your contacts out as soon as you can. In the mean time I rub water around my eyes to moisten them, and blink frequently for a few seconds to promote tears which normally lubricate your eyes and contacts.

Why don't you consider putting a small amount of contact solution in a film canister, something small and easy to carry around in a pocket, purse or backpack? Then you could put one contact in the lid and the other in the canister when you need to take them out at night. Just remember to change the solution frequently, so it doesn't collect dirt.

‚ô•Alumni‚ô†...babies comes june19:)
Put them in contact lens solution....that's what you should do. Don't sleep w/them in...if you have an optometrist he/she should've told you that....:/

I wear contacts too I usually just sleep in them because Im too tired to talk them out. nothing ever happens to my eyes but i did put them in water once over night in two cups. someone though they were just cups of water so they threw them out. if you do put them in water i suggest labeling them

if they're disposable, throw them away until you can get new ones.

Jasdeep G
Leave them in water, they'll turn GREEN!

I slept in my contacts last night...didn't have a choice

i would imagine just leaving them in for a night would be much better than soaking them in plain water.

Both are bad... But if those are truly the only two options it would be better to sleep in them; people who sleep in their lenses are at a 15x higher risk of infection... Plain tap water, though, has lots of bacteria in it that is safe for our stomachs but definitely NOT safe for our eyes. It gets into the microscopic cracks in the lenses and can grow there and cause major infections.

There are lenses out there that have been designed to sleep in, and since you say this has happened 'many times' it would be worthwhile talking to your optometrist about getting fitted with these lenses. There are some that you can wear up to 30 days in a row without taking them out at all. Another option would be to ask you opto for a trial size solution that is in a small bottle that you could keep in you purse or make-up bag for situations like these. (Some drug stores may have these small sizes too).

Please remember that both of the options you suggest are putting your eyes at unnecessary risk for complications like a very painful and vision-threatening corneal ulcer. Contacts are a medical device and you have to treat them with respect (or just find a cute pair of glasses instead!)

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