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 Contact Lens solution usage dilemma?
I was using the AMO's Complete no-rub solution for about 6 months, before I came to know of their recall. My friends suggested Opti-free. So I have been using it now for about a month. Last ...

 Are Contacts The Same Thing?
So, I already know for sure that if you're nearsighted, whether you wear or not wear your glasses, your vision worsens naturally. It has nothing to do with glasses, because glasses don't ...

 Is it true we need new eyeglasses every year?
Do we ?
Additional Details
im a guy 17 years ...

 Question about the eye doctor and my contacts?
I have worn contacts for 4 years. I wear them all the time from the time I get up at 6 until about 11 when I go to sleep. It is literally the first thing I do when I wake up and the last thing I do ...

 Contact lense issue?
I am in the middle of switching from glasses to contacts. This is my second day and my eyes still haven't adjusted. By adjusting I mean my vision is almost as bad as not having my glasses on. I ...

 I have -4.50 vision what does ths mean?
so I was looking at my contact prescription and it said -4.50 what does that exactly mean. is it really that bad and exactly how bad is -4.50 ...

 Under my perscription it says the cylinder is sphere?
What does this mean? I am also trying to order glasses and when I try to order glasses it doesnt have the option the put sphere....
Additional Details
I know the sphere and cylinder are ...

 One of my contacts dried out. Can I re-hydrate it?
The water leaked out the case. Can I soak it in the solution for a week and reuse it?...

 Scratch in my eye?
I took out my contact yesterday, because my left eye was feeling really uncomfortable, but the second I took it out, my eye was searing with pain. I thought maybe my eye was just really, really, dry, ...

 When will i gain my perfect sight?
im 14 years old and i have been wearing glasses for 5 years now and i have changed glasses 3 times and my current glasses have been on my face for over 1 year an d a half and i feel slight ...

 Eye color question HELP!!!?
hi im a 16 year old male, , my eye color seems like a light brown color from far away, but when they are exposed to light they look hazel green! my mom went through the same thing and her eye color ...

 I was trying to fix my broken glasses with superglue, but then I got superglue on the lenses?
how can i clean off the superglue, if there is a way at all?

its not that its sticky, its completely dry
its just that when i put the glasses on there's these blurry spots where ...

 Do they have non prescription color contacts?
that i can wear, cause i want different colored eyes but i dont need contacts at all .. so do that make them?

how much do they cost?...

 Is wearing sunglasses unhealthy for your eyes? if you wear them all day everyday?
you wear them all day everyday, indoors and outdoors, exept at home. all year long in the summer, winter, spring and fall. is it unhealthy for your eyes? if it is unhealthy, what about for people who ...

 What brand of contacts should I buy?
I've switched over from glasses to contacts and I'm gonna order them from 1-800-Contacts since there prices seem reasonable. What brand should I get? I don't have any special needs ...

 Science question-eye color ??
ok what if you have brown eyes and dark hair , both of your parents have brown eyes and dark hair, but your dads eyes sometimes change to hazel and some of your dads family have blue eyes like his ...

 Correcting vision?
Is it possible to correct your vision, whether long or short sighted?

Seen this link http://www.rebuildyourvi seems like rubbish to me, any professional opinions?...

 Is it true..?
That your eyes open 30% bigger if you see somthing amazing?

Sounded madd cool so i ...

 I just got my contacts and they feel dry so I put some visine eye drops in for contacts. Is that bad?
any info on this will help..especially people who have the same experience or if you wear contact lenses.

thank you....

 Contact lens?
hey, so i have a pair of trial contact lens good for a month but i only used it about 5 times. i got it them in march, and i was wondering if i was to use them again for a couple weeks in june, would ...

i smack u!
Is it bad to wear one contact lense?
only on my left eye, becuz i tore the right one and the damn eye place to get contacts are closed till thursday, and i hate wearing glasses
Additional Details
and please explain WHY dum@ss

You should never wear just one contact.

you can wear one contact without much problem, be careful driving though. Truthfully, some people purposely wear one contact so they can see far and near. That is called monovision, it only works for slightly nearsighted people though. It will not permanently hurt your eyes, but you might get some eye strain depending on what your Rx is.

lost and found
Yes, not only could you get in a horrible car accident if you drive, you could risk making your vision worse. Contacts are shaped to make the eye focus. If you wear only one, on eye would be focusing while the other isn't and that would give you one hell of a headache. You could also go cross eyed, its happened to me before and everything looks weird and you run into stuff. Wear a spare pair of glasses, and if you don't have any then take the other contact out and just be blind.

it's not gonna be good for your vision.. if you drive.. DONT! reading will be blurry and pretty much anything that requires depth perception is out of the question..

make it easy on yourself and skip the vanity.. so you can see.. wear the glasses!

Yes it's bad for your vision to wear one lens. You'll be putting too much strain on your eyes 'cause they'll be trying to adjust to something they're not used to. If they do start to adjust after 4 days it could make your vision worse permanently. You will most likely also get headaches.

john e
Sure go ahead.

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