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Can these eye-glasses be used in formal and professional occasions?
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I am not very sure if these eye-glasses are formal enough to meet the dress code:


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Artist Formerly Known as Furd
Is it a scratched cornea and, if so, what to do?
I was walking down the street (in Washington, DC) and suddenly something tiny and hard hit my eye--maybe from a tire. I thought that it must have gotten stuck in my eye because it stung like an eyelash you can't get out.

Unfortunately, two hours later, after lots of water in my eye and no sign of anything odd in it, I think the thing may have scratched my cornea. I can look to my left without a problem, but my eye stings and closes with discomfort when i try to look to the right.

If I have a scratched cornea, I assume time is all that will help. Am I right? Is there some over-the-counter medication (or anything else) that will help? I tried some eye drops and they did nothing except maybe cause a little more burning.


i had a scratched cornea when i was 12. scratched it playing man hunt on a fig tree...i went to the dr, he checked it and then gave me an eye patch. I wouldnt go with any over the counter drops or washes because you can irritate it severly. Good luck, i would go to the dr. just to be sure. You dont want to mess around with your eyes, you only have two. :)

I know someone who got poked in the eye and got "corneal abrasion"- a scratched cornea. You should have seen the eye, really red and teary. They went to the doctors, I can't remember if they had any drops, but they did have to wear and eye patch for a week or so.

Go to your doctor, you can't really diagnose through text, your doc. will be able to tell and treat.

I would go see a doctor to make sure something isn't stuck in your cornea. It is harder to take out the longer you leave it in. If it is an abrasion you want to keep it moist for comfort and it should be better tomorrow

please go to the ER if you have not seen an eye specialist today and let them find out what, if anything, is in your eye. I lost the sight in my right eye last year to a retina detachment and it's totally changed my whole life! I can't drive the same. I can't see at night to drive. I can't see anything peripherally, and I fall all the time from misjudgement of things and broke my leg and forearm falling off the bed in Oct 2006 from the same thing. I've broken my leg last month falling in a convenience store where they were putting up a beercase fort display that I didn't see as I was looking to the left and can't see anything to the right of me.
Take care of your eyes! If I were to lose the sight in my other eye, I would check myself out.....no joke. This has not been a fun 19 months.

Yes it could be scratched. But it is also possible that the object is embedded in the cornea. We call this a corneal foreign body. A corneal abrasion many times will heal quite well on its own. But, if you have a corneal foreign body then it needs to be addressed by an eye doctor capable of removing it. I would go in and let a doctor look at it and see. Hope this helped.

It sounds scratched, but definitely have it checked by an eye doc. Especially since you don't know WHAT scratched it, it could get infected. One of the most dangerous eye infections comes from something that sounds benign. Plants. So people can come in and say, "A stick hit me in the eye," but if they get a fungal infection in that scratch, you can potentially lose your eye. So, go to your doc and let them check it out to be safe, get some prophylactic antibiotics, and then time will help. Don't jack around with eye trauma. :)

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