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If your frames are broken, can the lenses be re sized for new ones (frames)?
I've worn the same eyeglass frames for years, recently they were broken in the middle of the nose. my lenses are still fine, I'm wondering if they can be reused.

Not likely. Unless you can find the exact same frame model.

But, you might be able to talk an optomitrist into reading your current lense and avoid the exam fee. Or, even get a copy of your current rx. They keep them on file for awhile. If too old, they may balk with something like "I can't give you a rx that's older than 6 months," citing some regulation they got themselves written to protect their pocketbook.

Good luck.

unfortunatley, you cannot reuse the lenses in a different frame...you can but they would have to be edged so small, there probably isnt a frame that could hold that small of a lens.

however, there is a slight chance that the frame you are wearing is still being manufactured, so go to you eyedoctor (or wherever you purchased your glasses) and ask them if they can look the frame up for you.

another option is to have them repaired. if they are a metal frame (not titanium, some places repair titanium, but not very many) it could possibly easily be sautered back together.

good luck!

p.s. you should always have a back-up pair of glasses for situations exactly like this.

A good tech/optician may be able to re-size them if they are just the right size with just the right measurements. If they can find a frame that they will cut into (the almost impossible part if you already have narrow frames or especially bi-focal or progressive lenses) you would be very limited in your choice of frames. It will also be hard to find a store/office that is willing to do it because there is a good chance of ruining your lenses and the having to order you a new set for free. Most big chains and retail locations almost certainly have policies against re-cutting lenses, but a independent optician or doctor who has a lab on site may be willing.

You should still get you Rx checked if you have not done so in the last 10-12 months (you had the frame for years, but not sure about your lenses). If it has changed then you should get a whole new pair, and free yourself of the hassle of trying to find someone who is willing and hoping they do a good job (even the most experienced techs sometimes goof up).

Yes, they can. It is not impossible. The right knowledgeable optician can do it for you. Unless you had a frame with an unusually large bridge, like some older fashioned round styles, then it shouldn't be a big deal. You may only have 1 or 2 frames to pick from, so don't think you can just go in and pick any frame that you like. You will be strictly limited to a frame very similar in size and shape to what you have. It is somewhat time consuming, so you may find some reluctant opticians out there willing to do it. It will also make a difference how thick your lenses are. Usually, the lenses will be hand edged to fit the new frame. Very hard to line up the lenses and re-cut them on an edger, used to make the lenses in the first place. Especially if it is a similar size to your lenses. The lenses can also be put directly into a plastic frame sometimes without any modifications. The plastic frames have more pliability, so the heated frame will conform to the lens if it is close in shape and size. Once you get this done, make an exam and get new glasses, these will make a good spare pair. Good luck.

sometimes they can and sometimes they can't. There is an optical center to your lense that is positioned for your eye and your eye's measurements specifically for that frame. To mark it up and cut it to fit the frame seems kind of a no brainer, but the thing is that the lense might not be ablet o be cut to fit correctly, and on top of it they might charge you to cut and edge it, and that money you could put toward a correctly cut lense for your new frame. Can you get a duplicate frame from your prior optician? that might be a good idea as well. Go around and ask, but do not be insulted if you get some resistance, we hate doing it as we are trained to do what is best for you and this is usually not in your best interrest. Good luck!

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