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 My cosmetic eye surgery went wrong..What should I do?
The doc cut too much skin of the upper eye lid, and now when I close my eyes, my brows move half way down my eyes........
Stitches out 10 days ago.
My appointment with surgon is later this ...

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 Eye prescription?
My eye prescription this year was:

Right eye. sph, -3.00
cyl -3.00
axis 20

Left eye sph -1.25
cyl ...

 Any way to improve vision without glasses, contacts or surgery?

 Saw a quick flash of light?
Ok, so right as I got up to go to bed, I turned the lights off in my living room to go to my bedroom. It was completely dark in the house then, as I was walking toward my bedroom to go to sleep. As ...

 New (again) to contacts...very dry eyes....so any helpful hints?
I wore contacts for about 8 years (1994-2002) and never had any issues at all with them. I went back to glasses in 2002 (just for a change of pace) until last week. I went back to the eye doctor ...

 What's the best disinfecting eye contact solution?! ADVICE ???
I've heard there was a Renu eye contact solution recall and I didn't know until my eye doctor notified me. He recommended opti-free solution- is this the best? is there a better eye ...

 I woke up this morning with pink eye. How long until I can go back to work?
I am working from home today because I didn't want to spread it around. How long until I am able to go back?...

 ~HELP~ Contact Lenses Price? £27.50? £13.75?
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 I just had a shower with my contacts in, is this bad?
I know you're not supposed to but I forgot I had them in.
I've taken them out now.
They're daily disposables so I've thrown them away.
Additional Details

 Accidentally slept in contacts and want to know whats the best way to re-coop my eyes?
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 How do i stop loose adult tooth from falling out?,What should i do with my hair? and my eyesight!!??
about three of my teeth are loose and i dunno what to do about it,should i go to the doctors(i dont really wanna cause i JUST DONT!!! )or give me some tips AGGGGGGGHHHHHHH I NEED HELP!!!!! THE MOST ...

 Can i still drive if my eyes are horrible?
my right eye is 20/20
and my left is REALLY bad
i think its like 20/60 or 20/70

and im taking my permit test next week
and theres no chance im passing the vision test

 Contact lens care?
Can anybody provide me with detailed advice on how to care for my contact lens?

I heard that whenever you have already put the contacts in your eyes, and the case is left, you should empty ...

 Is there a way I can imporove my vision without laser correction surgery, glasses or contacts?

 Is laser eye surgery worth the risk?

 Has anyone had Lasik done?
I'm considering having it but I'm a wuss..
I hate doctors and surgeries.. I'm sick and tired of my contacts though.. and I cannot stand the way I look with glasses..


 If i stop wearing my glasses, would my vision get worse?
I decided not to wear my glasses anymore, but i'm afraid that if i stop then my vision would get worse. If i don't squint, would my eyes still get worse for not wearing glasses?...

If a person cries too much can it hurt their eyes?
or make it burn? I cried alot yesterday and as a result my eyes feel like they are burning and I also have this white stuff on my eyelashes.

the white stuff is probably salt. if you spend all day playing basketball or something and you dont drink a lot of water, you'll notice the same white stuff on your lips - just salt from the sweat

the tears are what coats the eyes.. crying a lot will give you a headache, but shouldn't hurt your eyes.

Yes it happened to me. it almost feels like you went swimming and opened your eyes under water.

Yea sometimes but it will go away.

Good Fortune

Island Hopper
So, now all you wanna do is sleep so your eyes can rest maybe?

Goddess Of Sleep
no. it might be an allergic reaction or something else you were exposed to through the course of yesterday and last night. try taking some visine or eyedrops. wash the white stuff out thoroughly, and watch for it to come back. if it does come back, you may have a problem. wash your hands before your rub your eye's, EVERYTIME you touch anything. pay attention to anything you expose yourself to that has a strong odor, or makes your eyes sting.

its possible for your eyes to dry out from crying too much, but not what your describing.
if it gets worse, think about going to see a doctor. an eye doctor would be ideal.

Derrick S

Your tears are a natural lubrication for your eyes. Unless there was a chemical in your eyes that caused the white stuff I'm not sure. But normally when a person cries, extra blood is rushed to the face causing puffiness. When the puffiness starts to subside there might be a slight burning sensation from all of the blood rushing back. Best way to take care of the burning sensation is to put a cold cloth over your eyes. It will help with the burning and take away the puffiness.

I hope you are feeling better now.

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