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DO YOU KNOW how tall i am?? try your besst(im not a short personn))...

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 What does this eyes glasses prescription mean?
OD: plano (or plaro?) -0.25 x 90
OS: plano (or plaro?)
PD: 67 mm


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I been using advaced oyasys contact because of dry eyes, also using rewetting eye drop, but still my eyes are getting drier and contact is not comfortable, i wonder why?...

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I get plently of sleep thanks!! I have always had them- if it was sleep I wouldnt be asking for your advice!!!!!...

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Im 12 and i want contacts badly. i wore glasses for 2 years and i dont know if im old enough cuz my parents tell me that im not!! need a good answer
Additional Details
Also what brand is ...

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Recently, I've been experiencing some light flasing around my eyes. I've worn glasses since i was 3 years old. I'm now 37. I'm a type 1 diabetic. I don't have high blood ...

 Any vitamins or mineral tablets to refresh our eyes? please help.?

Additional Details
My eye lens gets bulgy and it looks old and tired than it's age....

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doctor given ocurest sterile eye drops will it have any side ...

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Just curious because I am on my computer pretty much all day....

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In the morning I get squidgy and hard things in my eyes, i wash them in cold water, but sometimes i get them in the day, whats the best way to prevent them or get rid of them - am in normal?...

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 What is the eye dr. looking for when he/she dilates my eyes?
i always decline to have my eyes dilated when i go for my check up with my eye dr. but she says its important to let her dilate my pupils. what is she looking for??

 Please Help!?
I have a sty. What is the quickest way to get rid of it?
Additional Details
*katie* - it is a minor infection in your eye......

 Should I buy contact lenses??
I play Broomball, Volleyball, Soccer and Badington, I usually dont wear my glasses to play broomball and was wondering if i should just continue don't wear glasses or buy contact lenses to see ...

 Where do I get it repaired?
lived abroad a bit and bought my glasses there. came back to the uk and one of the springs snapped. went to specsaverse, vision express and another one but they all told me they are not allowed to ...

 Eye Doctors and All, Does This Make Sense?
I asked another contributor at Yahoo Answers this question:
"In most cases, is obesity inherited?"

The answer I got was:
"Not exactly. Metabolic rates are ...

 What do you do if you get tillex bleach in your eye?

If I have 20/20 vision in one eye and 20/400 vision in the other-how can I not be legally blind. I can not?
wear glasses or contact on the bad eye. I had surgery 20 years ago at 26 on both eyes and my bad eye is oval shaped because of the schleral buckle. The aid of any lense cannot make the distance(depth) meet. My vision is warped which causes chronic migraine headaches- diagnosed as ocular migraines.headaches. Why can't I get disability. I do not read any more unless I have to, drive & watch tv with one eye shut!
Additional Details
Now I also have the beginning stages of ctaracts in both.

you are they just dont want to tell you

To be considered legally blind your vision must be at least 20/200 with correction. Since you have 20/20 vision in one eye you aren't blind. I was legally blind at one time 20/200 with correction, suffered migraines, but I never got disability. I didn't even try. Now, since I've had my surgeries my vision is fine, but I still have the ocular migraines. I do feel for you. Good luck. 2D

If you have 20/20 vision in one eye, that is good enough to see. Your brain makes your vision work to give you the best vision possible, so you should be seeing 20/20 all the time. I have never had any depth perception, but they don't consider that to be a problem.

Flying Dragon
I believe in the US, to be "legally blind" you have to be unable to see any better than 20/200 WITH CORRECTION! Since one of you eyes is OK you aren't legally blind. The deffinition of legally blind might be different in different countries or jurisdictions however.

The decision as to whether you are classified as legally blind has nothing to do with what you or I think. It has everything to do with what the law reads. And unfortunately, the definition of legal blindness requires that BOTH eyes be substandard. One of your eyes could be physically out of your head and you still would not meet the legal requirements for blindness if the remaining eye sees as it should. NOW though, it is possible that your state administered department of rehabilitative services may be able to provide you with some degree of disability benefits even though you do not meet the criteria for legal blindness. You would need to go in and petition them for help. It all depends upon the individual state in which you live and what their requirements are.

Oops. Sorry. I started answering your question before I finished reading it. It appears you have already gone in to check for disability benefits. It appears that you do not meet the criteria for benefits. Sorry.

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