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I see streaks of white light in my left eye?
kk wel this is like the 6 time happening in 1 year. i was at school (im 13) and all of the sudden i see little white moving lights in my left eye (its like a sawrm of insects) but it goes away in like 10 seconds what can it possibly be?
Additional Details
i am near sighted

Lay off the drugs.

What ya smokin?

i have the same thing, it's nothing, it's just your eyes reacting to the light

I HAD THIS SAME THING. I don't know what it is but I didn't get it checked and nothing bad happened. See your eye doc. Better safe than sorry. Could you email me when you find out? Thanks.

you could be referring to what they call floaters. If so its natural and treatment is used in extreme cases only.

S. Sanders
Go to the light! Lol just kidding...I've had those before especially during headaches. They're floaters...not sure of the risks. Consult a doctor if you're worried. I know I'm not.

sly and cunning
oh my gosh! my brother has the same exact thing! he's five as of now, and we first noticed this problem when he was two. we were completely baffled and just dismissed it as a reflection of something. we noticed it a couple of more times at night too and then decided to take him to his doctor. the doctor just prescribed some eye drops. but after that, we keep on seeing it every now and then. it's weird, really. and now that i'm looking it up on the internet after i read your question, i came up with this site: http://www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/retinadetach.htm
i have no idea if this is what the problem is, but i doubt it. so for you, i'm saying to just go to the doctors and mention the flash of light in your eye. maybe you can show them this site. but they would probably know if this is the problem. okay? good luck!

edit---i also found this: http://www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/spotsfloats.htm

u might be developing a cataract or if u r daibetic probably glaucoma.. go to your nearest opticians to possibly rule them out...and to stop the condition from worsening.

you should proably get it checked by your doctor as soon as possible. my best friend had that happen to her. it was nothing major. but she needed special eye drops for in her eyes to make it better. she did have astigmatism but she had no other problems.

deffiently get it checked sweetie.
and good luck.

i sugest u see a doctor or talk to ur mom or dad

May be floaters. Floaters are proteins actually floating around in the fluid inside your eyeball. We all have them. Go to the eye doc anyway and tell him about it. Could be some kinda eye issue but he'll be able to look in there and see if you need additional checking. Hope its nothing more than that. Good luck!

Kris L
Do you get really bad headaches on one side of your head after you see these bright lights in your left eye? If so, they are migraines, and the 'lights' are telling you that a migraine is coming on. If you don't get headaches, then you need to see an opthamologist, not an optometrist, because there could be something wrong with your cornea, and ONLY an opthamologist can prescribe things or schedule you for surgery to 'fix' the problem.

tell someone about this. it could be just because of a unique trait you have, or something serious. dont risk it, so just go to someone who knows wat they're talking about and ask them :)

sometimes i have this similar thing, where i see like little dots of light in the corner of my eye (sometimes they are blue)
i don't know what it is but i do advise you see an optician

Angels Fall First
drink more water

Alex walker
go see and eye doc

This is very serious. You need to see a doctor. A friend of mine had this happen to her and what is happening is the lens in the back of your eye is falling off. Not to scare you. It is fixable with surgery. Good luck

ask your eye doctor. mine said something about it before and you should definitely bring it up!!

maybe you should see a eye doctor.

go to the doctor

Go to the eye doctor.

I had this problem too. I was told it was the onset of a migraine. Look up information on migraines on the internet. Also hormones can do that. Don't freak out by everyone's comments. But do see a doctor it wouldn't hurt.

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