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Ben D
I see black dots in my eye?
I see black dots and hairlike cobwebs moving across my eyes. It seems that i can control the direction in which they move, because they only move when move when my eyes move and i see them best when i move my eyes up and down. Could this have anything to do diabetic retinopathy? Do you have any information?

If diabetes is a concern in your family you need to have your eyes professionally checked. Dont wait, you dont want anything to affect your sight and a professional will be able to rule out any diseases and be able to give you the correct information.

go to the doctor if i doesn't stop.

The greyish, see-through, cobwed-like things are very common "floaters". I have a lot of them and also grey tiny specks and my eye doctor said they were fine and nothing to worry about. Then I did some searching on the web (so I'll save you time) and learned that it's just dried blood.

I'm not sure about your black dots, are they just specks? Because I think I read a big black dot, that blocks vision is bad. Get a check up anyways. Buy some Lutein supplements, take care:)

Ask your doctor

To start with, you mention diabetes. If you have diabetes, your eyes should be dilated at least yearly.

You didn't mention if this came on suddenly. If it did, look up an eye doctor and make an appointment to see them TODAY OR TOMORROW MORNING. If you say "I suddenly see these spots and cobwebs", they will see you very quickly.

One answer mentions that this is "probably a posterior vitreous detachment." That's "probably" true. It could also be diabetic retinopathy (neovascularization, in this case).

It could also be a retinal detachment, which can lead to permanent damage or loss of sight if not treated in a couple days. Not everyone with a detachment complains of flashes of light.

Stop reading this and call now.

you probably having "posterior vitreous detachment" (PVD)
The vitreous humour fills the eye behind the lens. At birth it is attached to the retina. Over time the vitreous changes, shrinking and developing pockets of liquefaction, similar to the way a gelatin dessert shrinks, or detaches, from the edge of a pan over time. At some stage the vitreous may peel away from the retina. This is usually a sudden event.

I see that too, for the longest time, and I highly doubt it's diabetic retinopathy..

Cat guy
they are dust particles on the back side of your eye that are blocking cones... they are harmless and very common. Most people will actually see a few if looking against a white surface. Sometimes they are called "floaters". You do not need to see an eye doctor... unless you are seeing small flashes of light with them.(like little bolts of lightning or flashes from a camera) that is serious and needs to get checked out right away.

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