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do they get blind that they cant see a thing?...

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would you please telp me are there any household items which develop ...

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hey well i got a contact perscription and i want to order contacts online. does anyone know where i can get contacts online for a cheap price?

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 Why does my eyelid keep swelling up?
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 Laser eye surgery?
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 Whats the diffrence b/w hard contacts and soft ones?

 Contact lens question...........?
In your opinion, what is the best re-wetting solution for soft, thirty day, contact lenses?? (Brand Name)...

 When ordering contacts, when entering the power, is 2.5 and 2.50 the same thing?
I am ordering from wal-mart if that changes anything....

 How do cross eyed people see?
Just wondering....

 Lasik eye surgery??
Hi im 19 almost 20 and I'm considering having lasik eye surgery....How much does it cost now I know years ago it was very expensive but I think its gone down now...Has anyone had it done...how ...

 Can long term use of eyeglasses physically effect facial features?
It sounds crazy, but i've always noticed that some people who wear glasses have compressed upper eyelids, and just look different. Is this a long term effect from wearing glasses or am i just ...

 My aunt's eyes went from brown to bluish-grey?
can anyone explain this? the outter rim is grey while the middle is still brown. she went to a couple of eye doctors, but they said her eyes were fine
Additional Details
Thanks Dan the M...

 Can wearing glasses cause Headaches?
I've had glasses for 3 months now. I'm a 16 year old female. The glasses are for when I'm at school, reading, and doing homework. For the past week I have been coming home from school ...

 Pink eye? A corneal ulcer? What do you think this could be?
Ever since about 3 days ago, my eye has been pretty irritated. But today it's worse than it's ever been. It's literally bloodshot, and it hurts if I put pressure on it (on the top of ...

I lost my contact in my eye what should I do?
I just lost my contact without realizing it and I'm pretty sure that it is stuck behind my eyelid but I am not 100% sure. How do i get it out if it is still there? Is it likely that it would still be there? And will it damage my eye if it is still stuck in my eyelid? Thanks!

You will be fine. Do not freak out, if it's lost in the back of your eye, the good news is that it can not go anywhere else expect outside. It will not damage your eye, but you might damage your eye looking for it. Go to sleep it will fall off on its own, it might even fall off when you are asleep.

I am not responsible for any legal work stuff.

if it is a soft contact, or hard, it cannot get"lost". If it is soft I recomend that you use artifical tears, then wait 10 min.'s and thru the lid, with your finger, rotate from the outter edge of the upper lid downward towards your nose while looking down. repeat til lens works it way down. If you still can't get it out, just leave it and see Dr. in a.m. and they will get it out, but most likely it is gone. It is o.k. to sleep with it, if you must but put some tears or gel in to peotect your cornea. Your should also have an answering service, call and see...

have someone check your eye with a bright flashlight as you look up,down,right,left. if it cannot be seen, you most likely scratched the inner eye lid, which unfortunately feels like a contact shoved up in your eye. also have your friend check the floor were the pain started, it might be there.

lay down, squirt your saline directly into your eye - use up to half a bottle if you have to - a few drops at a time - and just relax - roll your eyes around, looking every direction - eventually it will wander back to where you can see it.

If you look you will be able to see it. If you can't see it on the eyelid or eye then it is not in your eye. Get someone else to look if you are not sure.

Last time that happened, I pulled my eye lid away from my eye by the lashes, and it just fell out...sometimes I just blink a lot and that works too...

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