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I just got contacts and..?
i know how to put them in and take them out and everything like that.
my eyes are smaller than other peoples. and when i try putting them in my eyes get all "flickery" like my eyes atomaticly try to close. it gets so frustrateing. does anybody have any tips on how i can get them in? i only want seriouse answers. like i love them its just i have had propblems getting them in. HELPP

Lets say your going to put the right one in, take your left hand and hold your upper eye lid open. With the contact on your pointer finger (right hand), pull down your lower lid with another finger. Put the contact in and move your eye around to make sure the contact is in all the way. I hope this helps and this is how I put mine in.

Beth A
Practice putting them in and out when you have some time, also it can help to put the cleansing drops onto your eye beforehand so that your eye is moist and ready for the contact to 'seal' on.

I know I'm not supposed to, but I purposefully look away from the lens when putting it in, then let go of my upper eyelid first, to try to cover the lens, then let go of my lower eyelid and blink like crazy!

Practice makes perfect.

What I do is... ( for the right eye)
1.Put the contact on my index finger (balancing).
2.Use the third finger on my left hand to hold my brow up and the third finger on my right hand to pull under my eye down.
3. I then put the contact in!

That should stop it going flickery!Good Luck!

Keep practicing and it will get easier. Keep a firm hold on your eyelids, and focus on the mirror as you put the lense in. Don't focus on the lense as it goes in your eye, or your reflex to blink will be too strong.

I just got mine a few days ago too and I had a heck of a time the first day - but if you are putting in the RIGHT one, take your left hand and hold your eyelashes up tightly against your browbone with your middle finger - then, with the contact balanced on the tip of your middle finger on the Right hand bring it up to your eye and hold DOWN the bottom lid with your fourth finger as you put it in to your eye - i do not look at the lens, but concentrate on holding the lashes up so that I can not blink (this is what stops the flickery stuff - I was doing that all the time and the lens would fold up and it was SO irritating..) - as soon as it goes on the eyeball, close the eye and roll your eye all around with your eye closed. that should do it.

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