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I have something in my eye and can't get it out. What should i do?

kay kay
this may sound funny or weird but if i had something in my eye, I'd let my friend get it out just to feel his hands on my face and laugh at him too during and afterwards, ha. how does that grab ya.''

The same thing happened to me once and it was pretty scary.

In front of a mirror, tilt your head back and see if you can see anything embedded. Look far to the left and look again, the repeat looking to the right. If you don't see anything in the white area of your eye check your iris area. If there is something in there, you need to have it removed at the ER. If you don't see anything, the most likely you've scratched your eye ball. When this happened to me I put some of this stuff called Celluvisc. It will coat the eye and you won't be able to feel the discomfort anymore.

Good luck!

If you have tried rinsing with saline solution with an eyewash kit, I would go to the ER to have them take a close look with their magnifying equipment.

If you think you have residual irritation, call your eye doctor today for an appointment to ensure that the object is out and that only a scratch remains and for further instructions from him/her on care for your eye.

chloe b
my best answer would be to put some water in your eye and keep moving your eye and it will eventually fall out...

I do care!
Hold your eye open under slow running water.


Pull your top lid down over the bottom and use a finger to rub it in circles to make it water and remove the matter.
You may have to do this for a while.

If it continues to hurt get someone to take a look and see if they can see what's hurting.

go to walgreens or any drugstore and buy a eyewash cup w/ saline and use it to rinse out your eye if that doesn't work go to er

Timothy Y
try flushing it with cool water. If this doesn't work see your doctor. Do not try something that could hurt yourself.

If you've tried an eyewash with water and a proper eye-cup (or an egg-cup can do it), and don't have a friend to inspect the eye, you could try lifting the top eyelid gently up, out, down, and let it return. Gently, Bentley! If doing that doesn't help, go to a doctor. Don't muck around too much yourself. You may still have something on the eye, or in the lip of the eyelid - or you may have scratched the eyeball with an eyelash or small debris. Not necessarily serious, but I'd certainly enlist a doctor if home attention doesn't work.

Try blinking a lot. This should help flush the eye and remove the debris.

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