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 Eye Glasses?
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 What's my eye colour?
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 Am seeing black spots floating in my right eye, does this mean anything.?

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I have like a cloud on my eye it seems to move around, i know its not a catarat..but what is it?
im a afraid i could go bling cuzz of this. i really dont now if its dangerous or anything has this ever happended to you???

got to the doctors ur going blind

it might be a syst... thats not good. go to the doctor or something because if it is a syst then you could go blind

Sam B
mabye itz just some eye goo

It has happened to me before like 3 times it reals so weired but then later on it goes away. you should go to the eye doctor.

First and foremost, go to the doctor! Dont be asking a question like this on yahoo. Then you will find out your answer!

hope it helps!

Go see an eye doctor. get it check out. Hope everything goes well

No, but go to the doctor.s

If you mean a translucent glob that dances around in your field of vision, it's a floater. Really, that's what it's called. Everybody has them, and they're not usually all that noticeable. They're left over stray cell clusters from forming your eyeballs that just float around inside your eye jelly for no apparent reason. Usually they're harmless, but for a few people, they can be distracting. Most people don't notice them until attention's drawn to them. Some people won't notice them even then, so it's not a big deal.

In some cases, if they're big enough to be noticeable on an eye exam, their presence can restrict you from certain occupations.

If you actually have a cloudy spot that other people can notice, have it checked out. It could be nothing, but you won't know until you do.

i'm anxious if you have bleeding inside your eyes - only ophtalmologists can detect that

Becky R
How do you know it's not a cataract? My husband developed one almost overnight. He was out of town working and couldn't see one day. The work doctor said he had scratched his eye. The next day it was worst so he went to an eye doctor who diagnosed him correctly. I would definitely go see an eye doctor asap. Your eyes are nothing to play around with.

Go see an eye doctor to have them check it out.

+*¨^¨*+ ●тιηα● +*¨^¨*+
Well, if this happens evry morning then its normal because its just something from closing ur eyes for a long time... but if its from wheever.. then check with the doctor

Kristi P
it could be what is called a floater, which are harmless...but they usually look more like tiny strings or hairs in your line of vision.....i would definitely get it checked out.....good luck; i hope it's nothing serious

It's called a "floater". It isn't dangerous, but you should see an optician as soon as possible.

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