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 I wear contacts, my eye is all red, I can barely open it I thought that something might have fallen in it.?
Yesterday I was at the park and there was something in my eye (or so i thought).
It started tearing up and I went home, and I could barely open it. IT hurt reallly baad and was all red. Today ...

 Why do clear contacts turn green when you put them in water?
I wear clear contacts. Sometimes when I forget my solution or don't have any, I put them in water. The next time I try to wear them they're a greenish tent. Why is this?...

 Do people with big eyes see at a wider range than people with smaller eyes?

 What is the eye exam and fitting for contacts like?
and how do you put them in?...

 What is the worse eyesight in minus?

 Simple explanation of astigmatism?
Do u mind giving a very simple explanation not so simple like u see blurry but simply wut happens in the eye
i need it for school yippy
Additional Details
yay i know ...

 I need help with contacts?
i have some contacts but i ran out of soultion for them so for today i let them sit in water from the sink, and tomorrow will be the second day they've been in water. they seem flimsy they wont ...

 Where can I buy colored contacts?
I want to get a pair of colored-contacts that aren't expensive but good quality. I have 20/20 vision so the contacts would just be for looks. I don't have an eye doctor so they can't ...

 Blurry sparkly areas?
Every once in a while I’ll have these sparkle-like twitches a part of my vision. They are usually in the lower or outer peripheral areas as I stare forward. They are blurry and cover only a small ...

can a person with thick eyeglasses get THIN lenses ?...

 I dont know what i want to be..an opthalmologist or an optometrist??
im a junior and i dont know if i have what it takes to be an opthalmologist..requires more yrs....i love helping people but opthalmologist seem like more work...wat should i do to get prepared for ...

 For People That Wear Contacts?
Is it true that your eyes work better with contacts if you've got a full night's sleep?...

 Can glasses with a -2 prescription look like there is no prescription in them?
I've got a friend who wears her highly fashionable glasses everywhere she goes. I asked her if they were prescription or not, she said yes my rx is -2 and I can't see a thing without them. S...

 My eyes aren't "normal". Is there any way I could be a candidate for laser correction?
okay. long story short...I was born with lazy eye and had surgery to correct it when i was 5. along with the lazy eye i didn't have periphial vision, so they attempted to correct that as well. ...

 Can I swim with my contacts on?
I have the ordinary daily wear soft lenses....

 My contacts...?
I have astigma in both of my eyes. More in the left than the right. I use Acuve. contacts..should my contact lenses dry up fast? How are contcats like for normal users? Should they hurt?...

 Can 'Laser Eye Surgery' get rid of a lazy eye?

 I like to use the computer very much. Is it likely to affect my visual acuity? Will I still have my 20/20?

 My sister got punched in the eye last night, this morning in swelled in the upper eye lid? wat can b done?

 My Vision??
I used to be able to see a perfecly but latley my vision has been a little blury at a distance, and i have to strain my eyes or squint them so i can like focus my vision better. What could possibly ...

Christy-Atheati Vile Temptress
I have had a headache at the end of the day for the past 3 work days, could I possibly need glasses?
Thursday and Friday were incredibely stressful work days. At the end of both days I had a terrible headache and I NEVER get headaches. I assumed it was because of the stress level because the headache spread to my neck and shoulders after the work day had ended. However today wasn't so bad (stress-wise) and I now have a slight headache. Obviously I look at a computer most of the day and I was wondering if it is posible that I might need glasses? I've always had 20/20 vision so I'm not familiar with the signs.

cover your left or right eye and if you see blury that means you do need glasses.

There are lots of reasons for having headaches. It could be a need for glasses, or it could be stress, a sinus infection ... all kinds of things. In any case, though, a recurring headache like that deserves a doctor appointment.

Hex the Fundies (JPAA)
Could be eyestrain, could be stress, could be dehydration, could be a virus......if I were you, best get an eye test done to rule it out.

Could mean you need glasses or could mean you are hungry, or you need caffeine, It could be the lighting has changed in your office and the too bright is giving you a headache. Check some of these things out.

yes that is possible, i have twenty twenty vision but one eye is bad so the other one is taking over, i have to get glasses soon too. go to the eye doc. it's not bad...

Yes, the stress of bright computer screens on the eyes can cause headaches, but there are other possibilities you should check out before you invest in something like glasses (EXPENSIVE.) First of all, you should make sure you're drinking plenty of water throughout the day and not eating too much salty food. Dehydration often causes headaches. Taking a multivitamin is good for the eyes too, just to make sure it's not a deficiency.

If it really is the screen, maybe try adjusting the brightness and contrast so it's easy to read but not so glaringly bright. Also make sure there is sufficient lighting around the screen to take stress off the eyes.

If it continues despite these, call your doctor first! They certainly know your body better than some strange kid on the internet with nothing better to do than answering stranger's questions for the sake of ego-stroking.

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