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I have 20/30 vision, should I get glasses for reading/driving?

Not from Earth
Go see a eye Dr. to get checked out. Nobody here will know the answer.

Nicholas V

Only an eye doc can recommend and write your prescription for your glasses. If they say you need glasses, they will get you all set up.

not really....just buy glasses appropriate for your eyes.. i have a 20/30 vision too, since university students. and i until now my vision the same.

LasikExpert - Glenn Hagele
Having 20/30 vision would allow you to have a driver's license in all states, which require 20/40 vision or better, but whether or not you should wear corrective lenses depends greatly on why you have 20/30 vision.

If your vision is not affected by refractive error but is diminished by a malady such as diabetic retinopathy, amblyopia, or cataracts, then corrective lenses are not likely going to make much difference.

If your vision is diminished by hyperopia (farsighted, longsighted), then the prescription may not reflect the true refractive error. Hyperopia is commonly caused by the eye being shorter in length than normal. The focal point of light entering the eye and passing through the cornea and the natural lens is behind the retina (the light sensitive membrane at the back of the eye that changes light into nerve signals for the brain).

When at rest, the normal eye is focused for distance vision, about 20 feet to infinity. To see objects closer than about 20 feet the natural lens within the eye has to change shape and thereby change focus. This is called accommodation.

At a young age you are easily able to accommodate. You do this automatically and without any conscious effort. What often happens when a young person is hyperopic is that the eye will "focus around" the hyperopia. In other words, your natural lens is never at rest and is always focusing to resolve the hyperopia.

A manifest refraction (which is better, one or two?) is the primary method of determining refractive error like hyperopia and astigmatism. The problem for a young hyperope is that you can focus around some or all of the hyperopia and a manifest refraction would indicate very low or no hyperopia when hyperopia actually exists.

A cycloplegic refraction (which is better, one or two?) is done with eye drops that temporarily paralyze the natural lens so it cannot focus around anything. A cycloplegic refraction would most likely to reveal true refractive error in a young hyperope.

If you have an eyeglass prescription, check if the first number after OD and OS is preceded by a plus sign (+) or a minus sign (-). A plus indicates hyperopia. A minus indicates myopia (nearsighted, shortsighted) vision.

If you are myopic, the amount of myopia is rather slight. Full correction eye glasses would provide superior distance vision, but near vision is actually better with a small amount of myopia.

If you are at or past age 40 and you are myopic, then the myopia is reducing the need for reading glasses.

As you can see there are many reasons why you need a comprehensive examination from a competent eye doctor to determine the health and refractive error of your eyes and to recommend whether or not you should use glasses or contact lenses.

I have 20/40 and I don't use glasses for either, even though I should get them for driving the only time I have any problems is with reading street signs and stuff.

20/30 means that when the distance is 20 feet, it to you looks like 30 feet. so i would get glasses for driving.

yeah, play it safe!

if u think it would be a hazard to ppl or a benefit to u-u shoul go wit it :D

This is really up to you. You will an eye test for a driver's license with 20/40 or better vision. You may find eyeglasses to be helpful for distance. I chose to start correcting my vision when it reached 20/50.

John P
i also have 20/30 vision
mine is fine driving and reading

Probably. It's going to make it easier to see everything. Regardless of it being a fairly weak prescription.

I wish my sight was at that point...so much worse...no fun.

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