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I have 20/25 eyesight. What does this mean?
I just had an eye exam. My doctor said that my prescription is very mild. Do you think that people with this type of eyesight even need glasses? Is 20/25 pretty good? And what exactly does it mean?
Additional Details
Lol, I practically answered my own question, I know... but I'm just curious about your opinions. :)

20/20 vision is perfect.
you have one eye that is over stimulated and your eye doctor will be endeavouring to correct that with the mild prescription.

means that what see at 20 ft. looks like it is 25 ft. away.
You can have 20/25 in one eye and 20/40 in the other.

susie Q
20/20 is perfect. 20/25 means one eye is less then perfect..it does not mean you need glasses..it all depends..your doctor would have told you if you need glasses.and yes, it can get worse.especially with age

You see at 20 feet what the normal person sees at 25 feet. i.e. you have to be 20% closer to the object to see it as well as he does, at least at that range.

That is good vision. You might notice a little better night driving or TV if you find yourself leaning forward to read some of the smaller lettering on the screen. Otherwise you have decent vision and really don't need glasses. The 20/25 does not mean one eye is good and one worse. Like the other response said, basically what the average person can see at 25 feet away, you would have to be 20 feet to see the same object clear.

john e
An Optometrist would want to know if the 20/25 was with both eyes or what?
Is that with your prescription or without it?

Vadim S
It basically means that likely over a billion people in this world would be ridiciously happy to trade their vision for yours!

it means your eye sight is just fine and your VERY VERY slightly nearsighted... I'll bet if you get it checked again you might even be considered 20/20 and NO you definetily do not need to waste your time and money on glasses, enjoy your good sight!

"20/25" means is that the detail you can make out at 20 feet can be seen by the "normal" eye can see from 25 feet away. I.e. the normal eye can move 25% further away and see the same thing.

20/25 is good vision, and well within the limits to drive without glasses. In fact, a lot of people who wear contacts don't achieve 20/20 due to uncorrected astigmatism. Quite many lens wearers top out at the same 20/25 you measure to without any correction.

Most people can see 20/15 when fully corrected. Some can even get to 20/10.

Without knowing the rest of your details, I suspect that with glasses you'd measure at 20/15. You'd definitely notice the difference in clarity, but the difference may not be worth the frame-impairment in your visual field or the reflections from the lenses (that will occur even with the best of the antireflective coatings).

Personally, I wouldn't recommend someone with your prescription rush out to get glasses unless you have a need, such as having season tickets (aka disposable income) to football games in the upper level and want to read the names on the jerseys or a job with critical vision requirements (like an umpire or pilot). I would only recommend the glasses if you have different vision in each eye that is bothersome to you.

If you're considering sunglasses, you may want to consider prescription lenses. But, I wouldn't rush to this either if you're happy with <$20 sunglasses.

Rich Z
It means you can see at 20 feet what most people could see at 25 feet away. It has nothing to do with one eye versus the other - it is the rating for both together.

If you don't wear glasses but use your eyes a lot you will tend to get headaches. If you drive a car you would not read the exit ramp signs that other people could until you get 5 feet further down the road.

Kristie is my name
Well, without going into HUGE technical detail about acuity and angles and such, it simply means that the eye chart that they use is posted at 20 feet away from your eyes. A person with perfect vision can see the letters of a certain size at 20 feet. You can see larger letters clearly at 20 feet (the ones that are designated as "25" letters -- a little like the size of a font on the computer).

If you want the detailed, technical explanation, here's an article you can check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snellen_chart#.2220.2F20.22_.28or_.226.2F6.22.29_vision

Your vision really doesn't warrant prescription glasses. Things are quite as sharp as they are for a person with perfect vision, but you will still pass eye tests (like the eye test they give for your driving license).

Hope this helps! Have a great day.

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