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ok well my friend was cutting her toe nails and one flicked up into my eye :(
it really stings and is still stuck there

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ThiS iS Me:http://s171.photobucket....

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what's it "mean" when your eye lid twiches alot?...

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I feel like there's something in my eye?
Sometimes for no reason, I feel like I have something in my eye. It's an acute irritation, not all over my eye.I look at my eye and there is nothing there.This seems to happen often, almost every other day or so. It only goes away on its own. Never with an eye wash or anything. Any suggestions on what it is and/or what I can do to stop the irritation from happening or to make it not happen at all.

when you look at the things that have bright background, eg, the window, will you see few trasnparent 'WORM' moving around. When you aim on it it will just go up and up OR down and down untill it disappear ?

it is the ageing of your eyes that cannot be avoided. Sometimes it will get better when you have a good rest.

i noticed it when when i was 20years++. Now even worst after working for so long.

Sandra W
Maybe An eye lash but some how is at the back of your eyeball where u can not see it

Make sure you don't have dry eye syndrome, but try lubricating drops, the $6 ones in the green bottle.

El Esplendido
The best way is to consult your physician

Damien H
you should go to an optometrist.

Taylor V
its probly an eyelash pull your eyelashes and if its still there go to your doc. see if he sees anything.

What you just described sounds just like my eyes. I have dry eyes and you might have them too. If you buy moisturizing eye drops and put them in whenever they feel itchy or whenever they feel like something is in them, it should take care of the problem. Ever since I started to use those drops, my eyes haven't been bothering me since. I hope this solves your problem! Good luck!


that happens to me sometimes, you should be sure not to keep rubbing it or it will make it worse. if you use those little eye droplets it would probably feel better.

You may have a chalazion in your eyelid. Might wanna research it.

Johnny B
It could be an allergy.

Jay R
Aaron - I have this too, so I hope you get lots of useful guidence. Mine feels like an eyelash that never moves. It's always in the same place, and when I close my eyes and swing them from side to side I can feel it, always there. Help us!

pink eye? scratched cornea? Allergy? computer/reading fatigue/strain?

could be your sinuses-do you feel congested? sometimes it doesnt have to be congested at all,its just inflammation in the cavity below the eye or above.

Best way is to go see a optometrist if this been happening a lot. See what the optometrist can recommend for you. It can be something minor or serious you never know. Have it check out ASAP.

i have the same thing. i went to the clinic and they told me to go to the ER to get it checkout out cuz they have equipment there to see in back of my eye which they dont have at the clinic. they did a million tests and finally, i have nothing. its a very annoying sensation they say is simply caused by stress. there is nothing you can do about it.... itll go away, dont worry. just try to breathe and not get angry or tense about simple things. good luck xox
10 points for me? :p

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