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 What is this called?
what is the part of the eye called where the sleep occurs in the mornings. my daughter is doing her homework and cannot seem to find the answer on the web. so all i need is the bit in the corner near ...

 I just found out i have pink eye... should i stay home or go to school? If i stay home how many days?

 Black dot in my eye???
earlier i noticed that when i looked round with my eyes rather than my head there was a black dot in the corner of my right eye nearest my ear!

it is only notieable when blinking ...

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 Is there anyway to get more of a twinkle in your eye?
Could you like put in water, saline etc?
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Today is the 3rd day. My vision does seem to be improved- I'm seeing sharper. But I have to keep rubbing my eyes because my vision keeps getting blurry. Is this normal at first? Or do I have the ...

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plezzz im really scared!...

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Hello friends here,

I am a short-sightedness person and I do wear specs. I started to wear glasses since about 5 years ago, and I have changed 3 specs since then. All of those not working ...

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are u awake for lasik?????????...

 I just got pink eye yesterday. and today my vision become blurry in that eye is that normal?

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ok... heres what happend i was in applebees with a few friend there was no food around.... nothing was in my eyes but... i started tearing VERY heavy like it started pouring outta my eyes.... it ...

 I ve been wearing glasses since middle(1) ..?
i cant take it anymore,the thing with contacts is that the idea of putting a strange object in my EYES is a bit scary...i even have a problem with eyedrops ..usually in summer i ve this infection ...

 Does wearing a prescription lower help improve eye sight?
does wearing a prescription lower help improve eye sight?
i.e. I read somewhere that a person who was -6 wore a -5 contact, then a -4.5 to help improve vision. They stated that it helped because ...

 My eyes are watery and red and feels like something is irratating the eye?
what is it? and i wear contacts
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and its still watery after i take out the contacts its been watery the whole ...

 Contacts vs glasses. ?
Do you prefer to wear glasses or contacts more often?
or both?...

 I want to have lasik surgery and I am scared. Please tell me if you have the experience with it.?
I have been wearing glasses even since I was a very young kid. I am highly nearsighted in my right eye and somewhat nearsighted in my left eye. I also have a high degree of astigmatism in my right ...

 Do wearing contacts for more than 12 hours affects my vision?
Hi all,
I am computer Porfessional. does wearing contacts for more than 12 hours affects my vision?...

 Ultralase laser eye surgery at 18 years old?
My eyesight is -1.25 in both eyes (I have trouble reading things in the distance)
How does laser eye surgery work? does it burn a layer off the eye? and if so, what makes this layer ...

Chris W
I feel like im going blind?
Im 16 and for the past few weeks iv noticed i have floaters i have like 2 black ones in each eye and about 4 clear ones in each eye i try to ignore them but the more i try ignore them the more i see them.everyone keeps telling me that im 2 young to have them and im freaked out because they just keep getting worse...am i going to go blind? and there so anooying i hate going outside because i see them...they randomly float past my vision iv had the black one for years but in the past 4 weeks iv gotten another black one and like 4 clears ones and there sooo anooying...iv im only 16 and have this many how many am i going to have when im 25?40?60...i hate them...i dont even have to look for them..there just there...there soo anooying...what do i do


u should go see ur eye doctor right away. like call them right now!

good luck

Ojene S
Uh oh bad luck 4 u my friend... see a doctor! Does it look like a cataract?

Nick Z
Your eye problems probably are not age related. Because you are too young for that. But that doesn't mean that you don't have some eye illness which can make you blind.

You should get a medical examination of your eyes from a qualified doctor. Quite often blindness can be prevented, when you get medical help soon enough. But once you loose your vision. Then there is not much chance that you will ever get it back.

Please see a doctor or have a eye exam immediately...I don't believe your going blind, but I believe an eye doctor can tell you better results then us.

Why are you asking this here? Go see a doctor.
But Please , don't be scared...Ok?


Hey Chris...if its any consolation I'm 17 and I've had this problem ever since I can remember. I have floaters bad, I see them everyday..I have never really asked my eye doctor about it, but i am planning on getting contacts soon and I will ask him then. You are not alone my friend!

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