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 My eye(again)?
For a few hours, the corner of my eye by my nose has been twitching (best word I could think of) It's getting kind of annoying. Is there something wrong with my eye? I asked this before but only ...

 Should I or should I not use tap water to rinse my contact lens case?
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I know eye colour can change early on in life, but can a persons eye colour change after that?

A colleague has been told that a friend of a friend has eyes that change colour depending on ...

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I've used contact lenses (Acuvue Toric) for about 12 years. I've never experiment discomfort or any problem.
Today the optometrist changed the brand to a new one (I didn't get the ...

 Scratched cornea?
Today, when i woke up, i rubbed my eyes kind of hard.
Now i see a small gray-ish line that moves with my left eye when i look at something white, like a piece of paper.
What is it? Will it ...

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I just started and is really hard for me. Help?...

 Can you explode your eyes by closing them very tight?

 Got my contacts yesterday...?
I know the whole spiel. Six hours today... yadda yadda yadda...

My question is, do I have to change the cleaner in the holders right now? Or should I wait until later when I'm not ...

 Cost of laser eye treatment??
They say prices start from 395 per eye, but could people that have had it done tell me how much they actually paid for it?...

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 I have astigmatism?
I have pretty bad astigmatism and have hard contacts, they really hurt. I want to know if I can wear soft contacts?...

 Can lasik harm your eyes?
so im planning on getting lasik (laser eye surgery) i just wanted to know if there is any stories out there of mistake on this surgery like people going blind or machine screwing up, im very scare ...

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My doctor gave me new contacts - acuvue advance for astigmatism- because the ones I used before dried my eyes a lot. So the new ones are VERY soft and they roll all the time. The old ones weren'...

 I keep seeing little black blobs floating in front of my eyes?
and when i try to focus on the they move, normally to the right, what does this mean?
Additional Details
yeahh im short sighted, well i need glasses to see far away i dunno if thats ...

 What happens when you get a eye exam?
I want grey or hazel contact lenses..but they said i need to get a eye exam..im kind of nervous and my friend keeps telling me that they are going to stick something in my eye lol..is that true?...

 Get contacts or stick with glasses?
I've been wering glasses since I was 6, now I'm almost 16. I really hate this seasons glasses frames (I'm very fussy) so I'm considering contacts.

I'm not sporty, ...

 Eye problem- freaked out. pls help.?
okay so for the past.. 2 and a half years or so ive been constantly on the computer.. daily like 8 hours. except a few weeks ago ive been hardly on since i have pretty severe computer eye strain. on ...

 ANYONE knows how to READ a eye prescription?
hey there...
I went to test my eyes couple wks bk and I before I go to get my new spec's I want to know how bad or good is my eye. I can see everything but when I read and be on the ...

♡ M. Shadows ♡
I don't have vision insurance but need to see an optometrist, I have a stye that isn't going away. How much...
How much would an appointment with an optometrist cost just so they could check out my eye? I live in the USA. I usually go to places in the mall like Lens Crafters.

an optometrist does not handle disease of the eyes. you would either need to see your family doctor or opthamologist (medical doctor/disease & disorders of the eye).

you might check to see if they have any eye drops at your local pharmacy that might be able to clear that up.

Give&Take 2008
About 50-60 dollars. Look in the papers for coupons. I just went and exam was pretty thorough. Walmart has optical centers.

I didnt see the stye part. Go to a doc. I had them as a kid and I put a cloth soaked with something to get rid of it- no antibiotics, some cheap thing you buy in the store

check out ameriplan usa. For $19.95 a month, you will get dental, vision, chiropractic and prescription coverage! See the link below!

Ron G
there are a lot of do it quick no appointment necessary places like that. Ive learned from experience that it may be better to seek out an optometrist that does a thourghal exam like vision source. i went to lens crafters and my exam took about 1 minute. my script was wrong and they didnt check for cadiracts and emaculi and other important conditions. my bill was $110.00. it is worth it because eye health cant be hurried. you can take your script to a cheaper place.

First, Angee has it wrong. Optometrists treat styes in most states and will probably prescribe medications for treatment. However, the other advice that you have been given is OK. Family doctors, their PA or nurse practitioner, optometrists or ophthalmologists should all be able to handle treating a stye.

As was stated previously a visit for this would not require "vision insurance" and any of the doctors listed above could bill this to your general health insurance plan. It should NOT be anywhere near $110. At the most it would be a limited visit requiring you to provide a history of any previous styes and an external examination of the eye lid. If an eye doctor starts to put you through what they call a "comprehensive eye examination" walk out and report them to the state medical board even if you do have insurance.

Scott L
Gazeygoo is correct. regular MD for an eye infection

Nickname P
optometrists will definitely treat your styes and eye infections better than your family physician will. 9 times out of 10, family physicians will treat an eye infection or stye with an antibiotic that is obsolete. Also, they give antibiotics for all types of red eyes, even though not all red eyes are bacterial in nature. This could actually harm your eye worse or at the very best, not help the red eye at all. optometrists can treat and diagnose all eye diseases up until the point of surgery. you do not need specific eye insurance to see an optometrist to treat a stye....they can bill it to your primary medical insurance in most instances.

i know this because i used to get styes ALOT......and they were never treated right until i went to see my optometrist.

Never go to a family doctor for any eye conditions. Most likely you'll end up on some old antibiotic that you don't need anyway.

You do not need a vision plan for a stye. Vision plans don't cover things like that. Regular old medical insurance covers that, and your medical insurance works the same way at the optometrist as it does anywhere else. Just be sure your eye doctor is a provider for your plan.

You do NOT need to see an optomitrist for a stye. Your family doctor can easily treat that.

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