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 Eyelid is moving, twitching, spasms!?! Help ?
My left eyelid keep moving, jumping, twitching and having spasms for about 3 days now. Should I see and eye doctor or PCP? What is wrong?!? It doesn't hurt just tickles. Sometimes it messes with ...

 Contact lens problem, eye somtimes becomes irratant and blured vision?
I started wearing contact lens around last November and have been very pleased with them. However recently my lenses tend to become irritant and blurred a few times a week and I was wondering if ...

 What are the best dry eye relief drops?
My eyes are very dry after I've had laser eye surgery. I've tried a few but none seem to work on me.
Many thanks....

 Blue eyes to brown contact lenses?
i have icey blue eyes and i'm so tired of it, i wair prescription contact lenses, i want to get 1 in color like Dark Brown.
is that possible (sence i need prescription) and if so, would ...

 Should I go to the doctor before using eye contacts?
I need eye contacts because I want to change my eye color, my eye sight is good as I tested in school about 3 months ago. Can I just order a pair online or should I go to the professional doctor?...

 My contacts are hotter than your contacts, now what do you have to say about that?

 How can i get an eye lash out of my eye,it went in yesterday with constant pain and now bright red?
it feels like its up the top of my lid but cant see it ! ive tryed flushing my eye out,eye drops,turning the top of my lid and warm water plus looking in the mirror to see if i can see it.or has it ...

 What does it mean if your iris's are small?
i woke up this morning and my iris's(the colored part of your eyes) are freakishly small.
im kinda scared.
what does it mean?...

 People with glasses/contacts?
If you wear glasses and you know you need deeper lenses but you don't get them, will your vision get worse? (Worser than if you got the deeper lenses)
Additional Details
My worry is ...

 I cant see the screen...?
i dont have my contacts in cuase im too lazy to get them out. so im like sitting one foot away from the screen but its really blurry. wat can i do about this, im 14....

 Glasses ???
ahah. well being the bright kid that i am, i accidentally super glued my left eye closed ( please dont ask for details on that ) anyways i got my eye open its been blurry ever since, but idk if i ...

 Lasik eye surgery questions?
Im considering getting lasik eye surgery but i have some questions before i decide:
how long before the effects fully kick in?
does the surgery hurt and how long is the surgery?
about ...

 I am a twin, my mom has brown eyes and my dad has green eyes, why...?
Why did me and my sister come out with brown eyes? I wish I had green eyes like my dad. I hear that your eye color can change over time, is this true? Do you think I will possibly ever had green/...

 Eye test question?
The machine that they use to get a rough idea of ur eyesight, does it give a prescription for both long and short sighted people?...

 Bigger Eyes in the Evening?
I find that my eyes in the evening are usually more bigger than in the evening? why is this?
Additional Details
Oh i meant like bigger like the shape my whole eye shape. they just seem ...

 What are the bads of contacts?
what are the bad things about contacts??...

 Can I use Windowlene to clean my glasses?
Well i am running out of the special lens cleaner but i have plenty of windowlene for some reason, i was just wondering if it's actually ok to clean my glasses with it or not?

Thanks ...

 Is it bad for your eyes tooo.....?
*open them underwater and swim around?
*Keep them open until you start crying?...

 How do you convince your mom to let you get eye contacts.?
ok hi i have these really ugly glasses that fit perfectly into a geek since i have braces...i don't want to b a geek. so my strategy is to remind her by saying,"So can i get contacts?" ...

 I think my eye doctor gave me a funny exam?
I went to see this new eye doctor and he was acting really funny. He kept asking me if I go on the internet and to web forums. Then he would lean in really close and I smell his breath, uck..it ...

I can't see out of my right eye?
Last night I feel on a rock and my hand was bleeding. Today I fell again but on a patch of grass in a dirt road. My other hand was bleeding. I fell asleep and now I can't see out of my right eye.

If you can stay standing up long enough...get to an Opthalmologist about that eye...ASAP !

Stop falling.

definately go to the eye dr!

GO TO THE EYE DOCTOR RIGH AWAY! Its not good when you can't see!! Make an appointment as soon as possible.

Wow you fall a lot! Be careful. Go to the doctor ASAP. Not being able to see out of one eye is very bad. Let them check it out for you.

Flying Dragon
You didn't say if the falling was due to, do you think you might have had a stroke, sometimes falling is a symptom? This might explain the eye problem as well. You might want to get it checked out ASAP!

Dany V
Have it checked by an eye specialist immediately to prevent infections on it & avoid further damage & aggravate your eyes. To comfort the sore, apply ice packs & eye drops from drug store, eye-mo or visine. A pharmaceutic at a grug store can recommend the best if she can examine your bruised eye. Take care of that eye honey, I sense your pretty with normal eyes.

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