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 Are contacts hard to get out of your eye??
Hi, I was just wondering if i got contacts,would the doctor stare at me while i put them in.. i would rather be alone.. and do i have to take them out.. or can i just leave them in and go home.. or ...

 What exactly is an eye twitch? How can it be cured?
My fiance gets eye twitches every now and then, and they last for a few weeks. He asked me if i could do some research on how to cure it. Does anyone know anything about eye twitches? Any information ...

 What helps a red eye?
what helps a red eye?
my eyes been red for 2 days now it goes clear but when i wake up the next morning its all red again and my eye looks as if it was bleeding but only one eye thoughh.

 Toric lenses not enough for right-eye astigmatism?
I have been a contact lenses user for 15 years now and I have been using toric lenses for the past couple of years. In the past few months my right-eye astigmatism has gotten worse and the toric ...

 Is LASIK eye surgery effect last for a long time or it's only good for a couple of years?
I went through LASIK treatment 5 years ago, and I have perfect 20/20 vision after the surgery. I was really happy about the result. But lately I start to feel that my vision is getting worse rapidly. ...

 I just started wearing contacts and they are driving me crazy. I feel like I want gouge my eyes out.?
I can tell they are in there, my eyes feel irritated, like an allergic reaction, and yesterday they got pretty red. But they are not swollen like they get when I am having a true allergic reaction (...

so my mom says that i need these special contacts since i have a lazy eye. how much do they cost?
Additional Details
how much do they usually cost?...

 What are the little clearish white circles I sometimes see in my eyes?
Sometimes I see floating clear white circles in my eyes- what causes that? Do you see them too?...

 I'm getting contacts soon.. Any advice?
My main reason for getting them is because I'm just sick of glassses and I'm getting more into sports. Which brand is the best in your opinion?...

 Blepharitis eye hygiene?
eye lid hygiene what can i use for cleansing this area ?...

 People with glasses/contacts........?
What do you consider BAD eyesight?
(for farsighted people)

etc. etc....

Please tell me! i am curious
Additional Details
I am -2.00 in ...

 Are there any exercises to do that will improve vision?

Additional Details
I went to the ophthalmologist on Monday. My vision is fine; I don't need glasses. I have noticed subtle changes and I know that this is a natural as I age. I�...

 Been seeing Flashes in my vision for over a year...?
Have been to MANY doctors they say everything looks normal. I probobly see 40-50 a day. No I do not do drugs either im not haulucinating.
Additional Details
Please HELP!!...

 Contact Help Pleasee!!!?
I went to get colored contacts the other day and i tried on some samples of fresh look contacts which were...green, blue, hazel, and gray..i have really brown eyes and those 4 colors didnt really ...

 Eyes sensitive to light?
I was at a 3 hours concert last night and now my eyes are very sensitive to light. I'm sitting with the lights off now....

 Do contacts have to be in solution for 6 hours? If so, what will happen if you use them earlier?
I have contacts that can be used for 2 weeks and just changed them, but I didn't throw away the other ones. I left it in the container it comes in unsealed (open). The next day I found the ...

 What's going on with my eye site?
In may I went to the optometrist for a regular exam. I got new contacts and glasses and the doctor said my eyesite was 20/20 with my contacts in. This was just 4 months ago. The past few days I'...

 If I only had one contact lense to use, which eye is it better to put it in?
So I ran into this problem the other day, and while I was about to put on my contact lenses, I noticed that one of them was missing. So I was wonder if it was better to put it on the right or left ...

 Eye pressure and syptoms?
How to control eye pressure with out medication?My friend is a software professional with 23yrs of age and we are gu friends from our childhood days.Recently he had an eye chekup and it was found ...

 Keeping Contacts Lubricated?
I've been having a lot of problems with my contacts lately since beginning a job which requires computer usage all day.

Nearly everyday I will develop halos around all light sources....

I can't get my contacts out, help! whats the easiest way to get them out?
So I'm getting contacts and all cause my eyes are bad, and my eye doctor tells me to come in for these contact lens training sessions that teach me how to get them in, out, clean them, etc. I can get them in fine (well it takes a few tries but i can do it) , but I cant get them out no matter what I do! I can touch the lens and sweep it to the side and all, but I can't pinch it out. I also tried sweeping it to the side, and then pinching it, but that didn't work either. my doctor wont let me get them until I can put them in and take them out in front of him. help!?

make sure you are grabbing the contact from the sides. if you were going to pick something round up, you wouldn't grab from the middle. when i had my training they told me (for the right eye) to use right ring finger to hold bottom of eye, and use left fingers to hold told lid, then use right index finger and thumb to pinch from the sides. and then reverse for left side. hopefully you will find getting them out is easier (i took 45 mins today trying to put them in, but getting them out only takes about 10 for me)

good luck :)

Eric J.
I find it easier to get them out by pinching and pulling them out when they are dry. When they are wet, they are too slippery for me to pinch them out.

Try using re-wetting drops before you take them out. If your eyes are dry, it can be extremely difficult to get those little buggers out. They sell these drops at drug stores, or ask your eye doc to reccommend a certain brand

John Cena
Dont sweep your eyes to side, just keep your eyes staright, some eyedrops may help them slip out also.

Just pull the contact to the bottom corner of your eye and it should start to come out when it does pitch the end that is off your eye and take it out... it takes some getting used to but that's the way I found that's easiest for taking lenses out.

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