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 My mother has one green eye and one blue eye has anyone ever heard of this before and what causes it?

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I see this has just been put up before

My sister has the blue eyes and I ended up with the green....

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or would i go blind?
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what if u keep them in all night but you dont sleep that night?...

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Anyone else?
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What about swimming in a pool? What would the water do to my eyes or the contacts?...

 How long should I wear my new contacts?
Got them Saturday, and I wore them about 7 hrs. I think that was too much. I know you're supposed to wear them a few hours at a time when you first get them. Maybe 5 hrs a day?...

 When you put glasses on for the first time, were you surprised at the improvement in your vision?
A recent eye test reminded me of my first experience with glasses 30 years ago. I had put off having an eye test for about ten years although I had noticed that I was quite badly short sighted in my ...

I can't cry anymore, why?
Hey, I'm 16 and I can't cry.. I don't know why I just can't, I mean I've had my heart broken in the past week but somehow I just can't cry no matter what. What could be the reason for this?

Some people just have a tendency to hold things inside. Some people cry more than others. Men and boys are less likely to cry because society has deemed it as inappropriate. Don't listen to society. You may find yourself eventually breaking down at one point in your life. I wouldn't worry or put too much thought into it. A lot of people grieve, take lose, deal with stress in different ways besides crying. The older you get the less you cry anyways.

I don't know... maybe u don't drink enough water. or u didn't try hard enough.
i actually consider u lucky, 'cause in public, for little things, i have to try really hard to not cry.

maybe u cried too much in the past... i don't know.......

There are all sorts of possibilities. You cried yourself out. We only can keep up that level of emotion for so long. It could be a way of not "losing it". Our emotions go up and down. Don't worry about it.

=Snow Ski=
That happened to me once-- I think if you've been hurt bad enough, it's more of a shock than it is sad, so your body doesn't know to cry. Of course, I can't cry unless I'm sad-- if you can, then I can't help, sorry.

Your heart may have harden to the point in which you can't cry. You said your heart was broken, meaning you may feel to broken to cry in a way that you may fear crying, that it will break your heart further. Sadness is a balance to joy and love, so if you love again and feel happy, you will cry again!

mayybe you cried yourself out, your not drinkinbg enuff water, or ur just insensitive

snarf girl
depression sometimes will do that.....find someone you trust to confide in - sometimes when we actually talk about it out loud it allows the tears to come......good luck.

Maybe you've become desensitized where you've experienced so much pain in life you've learned to ignore it and put it away. A good way to get in touch with your feelings again is going to a therapist and they could help you open up a little. Sometimes we are told as men not to cry especially around our peers, that's a bunch of BS. Men should cry when the time is right.

maybe its just not that upsetting in your head as much as it is in your heart, think of some thing REALLY upsetting..loosing a VERY loved one to death, a horrible and painful death...when i think i couldn't cry, or cry any more i usually do just to get the crying out of my system. sounds cruel but if u want to cry..this'll help.

You might have something wrong with your glands... docter i suggest

Social Science Lady
Do you mean that you cannot cry, when you are un-happy or that you cannot cry actual tears? If it is the latter then see your doctor, you need `moisture` around your eyes to keep them lubricated. Either way a visit to the doctor is advisable.

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