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I'm getting glasses for the first time. Are transition lenses the way to go?
Also, I want to know if they are fashionable.

ewwww. no not unless u want to look like a million yr/o NERDY lady. go 4 reg glasses, & either prescription sunglasses or reg. sunglasses w/ contacts.

It just so happens my freind got transition lenses the other day. and when we were at recess he showed me and i thought they were pretty damn cool. He likes them to, so go with them if you want ;)

Transition are really just another fashion statement. They are somewhat better for you for UV rays.

Do what you want really, but you should ask you eye doctor instead.

Pammy =)
They are great protection for your eyes, but the thing I don't like abou them is that they don't go clear 100% inside. They still have a slight tint and that's what I hated. I wore them for 2years and I never wore them again. I just wear clear lenses. I always told my customers that too so they could decide if they wanted them. They come in two colors, either gray or brown only.

I've worn the transition lenses since they came out and I love them. I've been wearing glasses since I was 6 so I've tried lots of different things over the years. Since I have to wear glasses all the time I don't have to worry about changing to sun glasses when I go outside. The fact that they don't go completely clear is no big deal to me, in fact I don't even notice because the remaining tint is so light. I highly recommend them.

To be honest they don't work like you see in the commercials. They don't change in your car(b/c there is a UV filter in your windshield and UV activates the lens) and they also don't work well in high temperatures. Get a separate pair of RX sunglasses. A lot of the time it costs about the same as upgrading to the transition style lenses.

If you have to wear them all of the time, YES! I love mine.

I have several pairs of glasses that are transitions and yes they are worth it.

yes and yes. they really protect your eyes from the sun when outside.

Transition lenses are great. If you like them and think you need them, then get them. Who cares if others think they are fashionable.

Most definitely. Ever since i got transition lenses, I've noticed a drastic change in how i see things. The color is some much more vivid when outside. ITS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.
The choice of glasses you choose will make a big impact on whether or not they're fashionable to others. But that shouldn't matter.

Good Luck with your choice.

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