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jay s
How to fix cross eye in Kids?
my 4 year kid has a cross eye, I mean her right eye crosses badly. I don't know what to do. she has seen couple of docters and they do not seem to take it seriously and pretty soon that eye will get lazy. any suggestion will help
Additional Details
she is already wearing prescribed glasses but whenever she takes it off, it goes back to cross eye. the doctor says its too early for surgery. I live in lakewood california and I can't find a good doctor.
anything will help

my mom told me she was gunna beat me so bad id be crosseyed, so maybe if you beat her shell be un cross eyed

okok sorry i heard if you take your finger and make her follow it with her eyes eventually it will straiten up

Continue to see different doctors (especially optomologists) to get different opinions. If they all seem to agree it will correct itself soon, then you should not worry. However I have seen methods where they wear a patch or something over one eye but I'm not sure exactly what that was used for.

I can't believe the doctors haven't done anything about it. I assume you've taken her to an optometrist--if not, certainly go. I'm sure they deal with it often. I've always seen young children with cross eye problems wearing eye patches--I'm not certain which eye the patch would go on but I would assume it goes over the good eye to force the bad eye to fix itself. You may want to google this.

Kids eyes grow and change until adulthood so that lazy eye you see now may just be a temporary thing. In a few years, it might just straighten itself out. You'll need to wait until about age 18 to get the eye corrected.

Some ophthalmologists will take a conservative approach and see if the eye will correct itself with time. that is sometimes the case. if you want to get another medical opinion find an ophthalmologist that specializes in strabismus surgery.

When I was a kid both eyes were severely crossed, and one was lazy. I had patches over the good eye to strengthen the lazy eye, and I wore glasses that straightened my eyes instantly when I put them on. Eventually I grew out of it, and you'd never know today that I ever had the problem. Go to an ophthalmologist (not an optometrist), they can help you. I never saw a family Dr. for treatment for it.
There are probably more options now than there were in the 70s, so ask about them.

Paul Bs answer is really detailed and correct.
If the doctors have given her glasses and her eyes appear straight with them on. Then they are doing their job. You should encourage her to keep wearing them all the time.
There is no point in getting surgery if glasses help her keep the eyes straight. Over time her eye may grow out of the turn with the help of the glasses, if not, then patching would be the next step.
Surgery is the last step if all the other treatment options dont help.
Im a student studying this area (eye turns) and youre lucky you have picked it up early. She is still young. The brain is still very adaptable at this stage.. surgery is usually considered if all else fails. Up unitl the age of about 8 is when glasses and patching will usually do the trick and fix things up.

you need either a surgery or corrective lenses. See an opthamologist. My kids both have that, my son wears contacts (hes 5). and he was to late for the surgery, My daughter is 2, she will get the surgery, Where do you live?
Contact an opthamologist as soon as possible, the sooner they correct this the more permanent it is

Get her to a good optometrist, the doctors that you took her too should have recomended this. This is a serious problem and if you don't get it corrected soon she will always be behind in her reading.

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