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How to fail vision test at school and opthamologist?
i want glasses so i want to fail the eye test at school and opthamologist so i can get a prescription pair. i know that you can buy them at places without a prescription but i want a prescription pair. can someone give me directions on how to do this please?

Darlene C

say your blind and deaf and dumb and act stupid

I'm surprised you can spell opthamologist, but can't figure out how to fail one of their tests.

Sam B
all i can say is what the heck is ur problem.

1. glasses are not all that great. i personally hate them.
2.y would want to ruin ur perfect vision?
3.t here are blind people out there that wish they could see, and people with glasses that wish that they didnt have them. so y would u want them

consider urself lucky 4 not having glasses. alright loser?ok.

ur time for getting glasses will come soon enough whether its now or when ur older. then u will regret this, and say y am i such a dumbass that wanted glasses?

[shaynaaa] ™
you have problems! if you get a prescription pair you DONT need and wear it, you can go BLIND!

Well it will be obvious if you try to purposely fail your vision test. At school if they measure you at 20/40 and then you go to your eye doctor and read the line at 20/60.

When you are at the eye doctor there are many tests to determine your exact measurements of your eyes (you don't just look at one chart and they give you a prescription). It would be pretty hard to fake. (I've gone to an ophthalmologist since I was born).

Why do you want a prescription so bad??

2020 A
Just go take the test. You probably need a light prescription any way. Most people do. There is any way to fake it to flunk on purpose the doctor can tell even if the school nurse can't.

Judy B
It won't work. Eye doctors test in such a way that faking is quickly discovered; there is no way to make your "wrong" answers consistent. At best the doctor will discover you are faking and confront you about it; at worst the doctor will think you have an unexplained vision loss and will order lots of expensive neurological testing.

If you just want to wear glasses for style, then just buy the ones you like and have them made with window glass.

nick e
Its very easy to fail a school screening...just pretend you can't read a line.

If you want to try and fool the optometrist though...don't bother. As an optometry student I've dealt with my fair share of kids pretending to have vision problems...they are very easy to pick. Even as an optometry student...knowing everything i know... I would not be able to easily fake an eye exam...there are way too many variables.

You are just going to waste the optometrists time. And knowing how frustrating it is to test a child pretending to have a problem...please don't. We are never going to think you need glasses.

Mel D
I know how you feel. When I was little I wanted really badly. My mom even took me to the eye doctor and I didn't need them. A year or two later I went back and I realized that I might actually get them I was worried. And then I ended up needing them and hated them. You will end up needing them soon enough and trust me they are not that great! Consider yourself lucky that you don't need them b/c eventually almost everyone does.

Getting prescription glasses when you don't need them is just going to cause headaches and wreck your vision, and then you really will need glasses.

Just get the fake ones. No one can tell anyway.

Lord Of Lust
Go ask a ophthalmologist for a prescription to give you a plain glass. No need to get a power glass, put it on your eyes and ruin your good eye sight and enjoy endless headaches you moron.

You are only going to fail your self ,because the prescription must suit your eyes or condition so to cheat and fail the test will result in you wearing a pair of prescription glasses that will damage your vision and probably be useless to you any way,If you need glasses then get the test done properly and if not then don`t wear glasses if you don`t need to.

You can't fake having bad vision, so forget it. Once they put you on the refractometer and fit you for glasses, and you need no correction, the game is over for you. Besides, if you don't need refraction correction, and perscription lens will blurr your vision to render you impaired.

Why? You can mess up your eyes buy wearing glasses if you don't need them. And if you can't figure out how to fail the test on your own?! You need to talk to your mom about seeing a shrink.
Or go donate your retinas so a blind person can get a chance at vision since you are taking yours for granted.

How can you possibly be so stupid?
If you faked/lied about your vision, you would end up with a pair of glasses that could permanently destroy your vision if you wore them. Suggest you grow up and stop being so stupid.

It's not all that uncommon for children to want a prescription pair of eyeglasses...even when they don't need them. It's a common cry for attention and is not just seen with glasses, but also for children wanting to break their arm so they can have a cast, etc.

Realistically, there are certain things you just cannot fake...optometrists know how to screen for children who are "faking" their visual loss. Plus, with the addition of computers that screen your eye for its shape, it's usually determined whether you need glasses before the doctor even walks in the door.

However, I think you must look at this for what it is...you have some other need that isn't being fulfilled either from your peers, teachers or maybe even your parents. Find another way to constructively interact with those around you...getting glasses will only give you some short lived attention that will soon be forgotten.

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