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 What Is The Most Uncommon Eye Colour?
Im just curious ......

Thanks for your time, =)

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Thanks! :)

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Thank you....

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 What color are your eyes?

How to change eye color from BROWN to BLUE?
I'm only 13 years old, is this possible? Also, I heard something about pigment, as where you have a lot of pigment, your eye color is brown, and where you have less pigment, your eye color is blue. How can I LOSE pigment? I'll do anything for blue eyes.
Additional Details
(Just like my avatar lol.)

The Goalkeeper
Well, the easiest thing to do would be to talk to your parents and ask if they can get you colored contacts. Colored contacts can do anything from make your eyes blue to even red or white!

Overal, losing pigments in your eyes would require sergery.

get colored contacts

Get some colored contacts!

get colored contacts
u can get them just to get them u dont have to need glasses

Coloured eye lenses.

♥High On Sugar 4ever!!♥
Omg! i hate brown eyes too their nothing special to me! and i also want blue eyes! and 4 the first person who asted why blue eyes well blue eyes are really pretty! Get contacts i guess than buy me a pack!

sorry you have brown for life.
the only way to change that is to go to your eye dr and get colored contacts

The only way is by wearing contacts, I think.

Uhh eye contacts!

Ya Tibya Lublyu
get contact lenses hun. try true blends which look more realistic

KSU Girl
Get contacts!!!

~Big Benz~
get blue contacts

♥ Hailey ♣
Coloured Contacts, they have tons of colour choices now!

yeah, did you not know there was such thing as color contacts? you don't need any prescriptions for the contacts if you have 20/20 vision already. you can just wear them to look pretty or something. :)

you dont unles you use contaks or some thing

Anasthasia P
For easy answer:
...just buy the blue soft lenses and use it on ur eyes....lol, just kidding....
For advance answer:
u should change ur DNA and ask this to Genetics Advisor how to make it. Yes, its like Genetics Engeneering, Biomelecular and Stem Cell.

ali k
get colored contacts

you can use blue contacts to change you eye color from brown to blue but i personally like Jonson and Jonson contacts!

The only way to change your' eye colour is to wear coloured contact lenses. NOT to be recommended for one so young.

Terry K
Yes, blue contact lens should work. There are a variety of colors of contacts that are just for making your eyes look a different color. They are not used to help your vision.

get colored lenses

They have contacts you can wear to change your eyecolor. Even if you don't need a prescription, you can get just the ones with the colors.
Some say you lose eye pigment color as you age.
Supposedly there are some drugs that can also cause you to lose pigment in your eyes; a drug called lanatoprost (sold in the US under the trade name"Xalatan") can, over a period of time, change the color of the iris.
This drug's primary use is in treating glaucoma or ocular

there are contacts u can wear, but y blue?

poke out your eyes and start fresh...or you can just call God and ask him for new eyes...either way I think you're screwed

Travis James
i could make you a sandwich that would turn your eye blue.
A knuckle sandwich. L OAALAOHAHHEHEHEHA
Brown eyes are cool you just tell the girls you have a couple of black relatives in the family tree that why your eyes are brown. They like that kinda thing.

watch the sea!

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