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 Are contacts a pain in the but?and do they hurt?

How often should you replace your glasses?

Whenever the drunks break them....Oh, sorry this question is in optics, not beverages. In that case, they say every 2 years, but I'm a little skeptical. I think they just want the extra money. I personally don't think you need to change them unless you notice a decrease in your vision ability. I got glasses about 15 years ago. 2 years later, I went to the Dr, paid the bill, but found that my prescription was still the same. Same thing happened again 2 years later. So, I didn't go again until 2 years ago. Guess what, same prescription.

I agree with Redhead. That is how often I get my new glasses. Take care.

Only if you get a vision problem or headache.

Well they say every 2 years. I used to wear glasses. The 1st time I got them I was 12. The next time I replaced them was when I was 18. I only changed them because I noticed I could not see as clearly as before. My doctor said I only needed a slight increase in the prescription. So not bad for six years.
Its pretty much how your eyes feel. Are you squinting more? Do you get headaches? Do your eyes feel strained? If they do then thats a sign that you need to change your prescription. Also if you have glasses now and like your frames, keep them and just change the lens, that will save you a lot of money too.

Kelly W
If your eyes stopped developing, then it is just a matter of preference. However, your prescription might change and you will want to have the correct lenses. You could either just change the lense or have a total new pair of glasses.

The doctor should tell you your next appointment if your prescription changed at all. If it changed majorly, you should probably consider getting new glasses. Either that or just geting the lenses changed.

Every couple of years but if you have had a baby or if you see a significant difference.

You should get your eyes checked every 2 years and the doctor will let you know if you need to get a new prescription. If you notice a change in your eye sight, make an appointment to get it checked a.s.a.p. you'll most likely need a new prescription.

The doctor says every two years unless you feel like your eyes have changed..

Among other tests, take off your glasses and see if they are scratched with fine scratches (or deep ones) and replace if there are. Look through your glasses and close one eye lightly then open it and close the other. The images should be equally clear. If one is more blurry, have your eyes examined. It is harder to tell if both eyes have shifted because of some of the accommodation the eyes do. If you haven't had your eyes examined in two years, get that done.
When you get new glasses, perform some tests that you can remember so you can judge the drift of your eyes. For example, look at leaves on the trees across from your house, or a sign that is permanent (like a stop sign or street corner sign, not a bill board) and some distance away so 6 or 12 months later you can look and see it blurred or clear. You still need the exam because some things give headaches without blurring (like astigmatism)

♥♥Mrs SSG B♥♥
You should see your eye doctor every 2 years as an adult, every year as a child or more often than that even, if you are a diabetic. You should see your eye doctor regularly, not just so they can "make" you buy new glasses (as some people make it sound) but also so they can check the health of your eyes. They check for cataracts, glaucoma, and other conditions. If they were to find something suspicious or that requires treatment, they can refer you to the Ophthalmologist. And of course, they will refract you for glasses. You don't HAVE to get new ones. If you ask your doctor how much of a change you have, they will tell you and then you can decide if you want to get new ones. In my office, NO ONE is ever held at gunpoint to buy new glasses. I've had quite a few patients say to me that the doctor said it was only a slight change so they are going to put off getting new glasses for a while. We've also had people who have had only a slight change, but their lenses were totally scratched, so they replaced them because they couldn't see out them. But no one is ever FORCED to spend money on new glasses.

You should not simply wait until you notice that you're not seeing as clear through your lenses. A lot of times, you wind up squinting to see without even realizing it. Most people don't realize just how much their eyes have changed until they get their new glasses. I can't tell you how many times a patient has said, "WOW! Things look SO much better!" when I am dispensing a new pair of glasses to them. People become used to seeing the world out of focus, and don't realize it until they've been brought back to 20/20.

It amazes me how much people are willing to cut corners when it comes to their eyes. In a world where we spend so much money on frivolous crap, you'd think more people would want to take care of their eyes and make sure that their vision is clear. I think of all the people that I've know who are driving around with out-of-date prescriptions, or they ripped their contacts and have NO glasses to fall back on so they drive to the doctor's office with NOTHING in...these people are driving on the same roads as you and me...that never makes me feel safe.

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