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 I am considering getting colored contacts...?
I have dull grey eye and I hate them. So I was thinking about getting colored comtacts. I have 20/20 vision and such, and know I need to get a presciption for them. Im 13, and so I still need to talk ...

 Eye sight going only 17?
i'm 17 and i have never really been able to see out of one of my left eye. its got a lot wrose, it has a lot of black blurs and i cant make objects out any more.
my right eye is losing the ...

 If you only have one eye...are you blinking or winking?

 Okay weird question about eyes haha..?
if you feel like a thumping small twitch in your eyelid and its hard to keep your eye open, what does that mean? i keep getting it.. my brother says it means im tired but i get it alllll the time

 What might i have?
For over a year once and a while my vision has faded in and out when i walk or stand up for a brief couple seconds i cannot see anything when this happens. It has not happened for a while but ...

 Cross eye problem?
for awhile now my right eye is ALWAYS turning IN. when I was a kid I had lazy eye or cross eyes or whatever it is.. but when I was younger I had 2 surgeries. and wore a eye patch a little bit.. and ...

 The difference between optometrist, ophthalmologist and optician?

Additional Details
But timssterling, what is MD? :=)...

 If you are cross-eyed do you see straight, crooked , or which ever that eye faces, I have no clue?

 Has anyone had the implant surgery to change their eye color?
I am seriously considering having this surgery, but I am apprehensive since it is not done in this country. If you have had this done, would you please provide me with details about the facility in P...

 Can anybody sleep with one eye open?

 What do it mean when your left or right eye jump all the time?
my left eye jumps all the time....

 This is gonna sound dumb but I'm gonna ask anyway....For laser eye surgery....?
during the procedure, even when your eye is numb, you can still see, right? (I keep picturing being strapped down on a seat, having to stare at this big scary scalpul thing getting closer and closer ...

 My eye infection wont go away?
I'm not even sure it's an eye infection now. My eyes are red and a little yellow, and get worse if I wear my contacts. They don't hurt, but my head usually does. Red eye remover ...

 Blister on eye??
So my left eye was itching...so i rubbed it a bit.

There is a large "blister" to the left of my iris on the white of my eyeball..its clear looking.......(not the tear duct side.)<...

 What do the numbers on eyeglasses mean?+1.00,+2.50?etc,etc?
is like 1.00 the weakest and it goes up from there?...

 Do you like blue eyes?

 Eye Doctor?
OKay this might seem like an incredibly stupid question, and I know it is but here it goes:

I have bad vision I doubt I can even see the E on the chart. Will the eye doctor person be ...

 Ripped contact lense in eye - help!?
My contact lense rotated out of place & then got stuck in the corner of my eye. I was having a lot of trouble getting it to move to a position where I could get it out. Rubbing my eye was not ...

 Contact lenses?????
Where can I buy acuvue contact lenses? Is it safe to buy them at a store or do I need them prescribed. Does one size fit all eye shapes?...

I'm scared of going to the eye doc. Because I'm afriad of his/her reaction 'cause I REALLY don't think I can even see the Big E....

How long should my eyes stay dilated after a visit with an eye doctor?
My eye doctor used maybe three different eye drops to dilate my eyes. My appointment was nearly 8 hours ago, and my eyes are still dilated.

hollister babe
about 2 to 3 hours MAX!!

I go to have my retinas examined or checked every twelve months.
Basically the eye drops used are mostly water. It usually takes about ten to twenty minutes to be back to normal. However people have told me that they need to wait up to the next day to be back to normal. The doctors tell them that they are fine and there is nothing wrong. If it takes more then 24 hrs take a taxi or get some one to take you to a hospital. Getting ice or cool packsput on your eyes will relive the pain, and using dark glasses, avoid going out side. Rest and sleep is the best methoeds.

1 hour minimum and 2 to 3 hrs maxi

When they use two different drops it's back to normal with me in 4-6 hours ; but when I get 3 drops I felt it double that recently .

It varies depending on which drug was used, and how much was used. People with darker eyes tend to need more to achieve the desired result, but it also lasts longer. The drug is bound by the pigment (hence needing more), but is then slowly released (giving the longer duration).

Kimberley D
You don't know what the names were of these eye-drops?
Because, you have eye-drops that last 3 hours, 12 hours, or 2 days. Maybe you can call his secretary and ask?

Also, every person that gets eye-drops respond differently. The eyedrops that should last 3 hours always last the whole day with me.

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