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Just wondering!
~~Ali. :)...

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Excuse me, Prescription!...

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 What does this mean.........reading my prescription for glasses?
Sphere Cylinder Axis
OD + 0.25 -1.25 180
OS pl -0.75 174...

 Is there any way to change our eye ball colour naturally without lenses?

 Can you get droopy eyelids from allergies?
i went to the doctor and he gave me some eye drops for allergies cause my eyes itch.the day before i got the droopy eyelid i kept rubbing my eye all day.ive had the droopy eyelid for 6 days.is it ...

 What some one thinks of contacts???
i was wondering what any one thought of wearing the contact lenses !! are they really hard to get used too??? how much more expensive are they then glasses??? what if you go to a eye doctor place but ...

How long does it take for a stye to go away ?
ive had my stye for 2 days now && ive been doin the hot cloth on it but it just seems like its getting worse && it hurts really bad when blink. i need to get rid of this fast. how long is it gonna take ?
Additional Details
my stye is in the top corner of my eye like the corner near my nose inside.

Quinn S
Talk to your parents about it chances are they have probably been through the same thing.

You can try putting a little pressure on it with the hot wash cloth, or you can go to an ophthalmologist and they can drain it for you. Its a pretty simple procedure, they'll just numb it and then make a little opening and drain the fluid. It only takes 5-10 minutes, and it will usually just be a little swollen that day (but it is already:), and then its gone. Sometimes the contents are kind of thick-ish so that could be why its taking a while. If you've had it for a long time and it hurts, that's what I'd recommend :)

Are you certain there is not something in the stye, like a piece of dirt or other foreign matter? Get some eyewash at the pharmacy - not drops but eyewash (ask the pharmacist). If it does not look better after two days of using the drops then get to the eye doctor. You only get one pair of eyes, take care of them.

Aunt Doobie
About a week. Put a warm compress on it.

loveaddict <3
couple of days, put a warm cloth on your eye to speed up the process

It has to run its course. It will take a few days. A stye is actually caused by a bacteria, an infection, and you may need antibiotics to treat it, but sometimes it will go away on its own. Soften the stye by applying a hot, moist compress several times a day for at lease 10 minutes at a time.

Whenever you are treating a stye, be very careful and resist the urge to pop or squeeze it! Do not rub your eyes because you can easily spread the infection to your other eye - that is unless you want a matching sett. If your stye does not go away within a week see your doctor about getting antibiotics.

Here are a couple of helpful links.


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