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 Does looking at a computer screen too long permanently damage your eyes.?
I find it very hard to read using a computer screen, but its the most efficient way to read all the literature I have to get through.
My eyes get sore and teary after a while (30mins). Every 15 ...

 Laser eye surgery anyone had this treatment and what was the results?
im shortsighted and normally use daily disposable contact lenses but laser eye surgery seems so cheap now that in the long run it wud prob be cheaper for me to have surgery. anyone had it done, what ...

 I have hazel eyes and i'm not sure if I should get colored contacts?
Would they show up above my dark eyes? I really would like green, or something totally out there, like silver or ...

 One of my eye poped out, how do I fix it?

 Does it hurt your eyes when you wear sunglasses?
it seems that whenever i wear sunglasses, a few minutes later my eyes start to hurt

i have several different pairs and my eyes start to hurt.....

i have really dark ones ..........

 Does wearing glasses when you have slight vision problems worsen them?
I have just gotten glasses to correct my slight 20/25 L and 20/75 R vision. Now, I'm just wondering if wearing my glasses for just when I cannot read the blackboard or if I should wear them more ...

 I want to get contacts, but I have astigmatism (don't see as sharply). What is the best brand for astignatism?

 Whats worse? I have a -1.25 and -1.00 eye? Which one is worse?

 How do i get grid of the yellowish color around my eye?
the area where its supposed to be white, has a light yellow tint. what can i do to get rid or prevent it without surgery?

thx for tha help!...

 Are there any eye drops that turn green eyes blue??
I have heard that several prescription eye drops have the tendency to turn your eyes another color : what eye drops can possibly turn green eyes blue?? - - Im just curious....

 My daughter has an eye sight of -10.?
My daughter who is 22 years old has an eye sight of -10.i am very much concern of her eyes . i cant see her wearing such big glasses.is ,this much of sight normal or its dangerous.please tell wat can ...

 I am considering contact lenses,how long can you keep them in?
i have went off the idea of laser treatment,i have now decided i will go for contact lenses,only thing is,i can be a bit skitty and forget things,so i will not remember to take them out every night,...

 Laser eye surgery, good points, are there any down sides?

 What are some dirty thoughts!??

 Can contact lens slip back and be stuck behind the eyes?
I took a nap with my contact lenses on and when i was going to remove it some hours later, the other pair wasn't on anymore. i'm paranoid that it slipped back and was stuck behind my eyes. ...

 Treating pink eye?
I think I may have pink eye that I must have caught from my toddlers play group yesterday, my eye is red & itchy & I woke up this morning with a crusty eye. (sorry gross)
Does anyone ...

 How can i STOP myself from rubbing my eyes ?? HELP !! PRONTO !!?
I've been rubbing my eyes ALOT lately.
When i wear my contacts, after taking it out, it gets itchy.
Even when i wear my glasses, it gets itchy all of a sudden....

 How can a person sleep with their eyes open?

 Eye pain, please help. Google isn't giving me anything!?
Ok, about 2 hours ago I had this dull pain in my right eye, in the corner (not the eye itself, but around it - the bone). It's very watery and it it's red from me rubbing it. As time has ...

 If a eyes color is?
Light brown around the pupil and green is the rest of the color of the eyes, What color eyes would they be considered????...

How long do you REALLY wear your contact lenses? (Tell the truth, you eye doctor is offline.)?

well for the day i put them on in the morning and dont take them off at all until right before i go to bed. now im supposed to have one pair a month and i used to do that but i keep one pair for two months now or until they rip.

Mine are supposed to be worn for two weeks but I keep them in until they get blurry, usually around a month and a half or two months.

well it depeneds on wat kind of contacts that u have.. i have acuve advance wiht hydroclear for astinigtism ..*(dont mind the spelling)* and i wear them for about a month and a half ...so about 5 1/2 weeks... it all matters what brand u have and what happends to them and how u take care fo them... take them out every night and put them in suliotin ... just a little help if u wear makeup make sure theat ur mascara is not waterproof casue if it is ..u wont be able to clean it and it will burn ur eye and dont try to wear riped contacts either..or try to wear one and not the other .. it will casue u to have eye strane.. so keep them clean...

I usually wear them until they start to bug my eyes, which is usually about 6 months. Every time I go to the Eye doctor he tells me that my eyes look great, so I don't worry about it.

i have 2 week ones that i take out after a day of wearing and wear a few times a week so they last me a at least a month or longer. i wear them until one eye gets unclear to see out of.

I have 2 week disposable contacts. However, I always wear them longer because they are so expensive even though I have insurance. I usually wear a pair until they rip, become dry, have a film that I can't rub off with solution, or my eyes are irritated by them. I know it probably bad for me to do that, but like I said it is so expensive.

I were contacts i have them in till they itch and burn rip or and other flaws. You are only supposed to were them for 6 weeks. though

It depends on what type of lens I'm wearing ,i follow instructions according to the box. For all details, information and remedies about contacts check out http://use-contactlens.blogspot.com/

Rick K
I wore mine at one time for I don't know how many weeks or months, until my eyes became red, swollen, infected, and painful.

It's not worth it. Now I wear glasses.

Alot of it depends on the brand and the Dr's directions , if you don't follow instructions you can damage your eyes and or become blind.

I take them out every night and have been wearing contacts for many years. If you don't keep them clean you risk getting eye infections. There's one kind of infection that a doctor told me can quickly lead to blindness. So if you value your eyes take them out at night !!

Lucy in the Sky
Honestly, I know this is horrible,
but I usually don't change them for 3 months or so. And no, I don't take them out during that time either...

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