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 Colored contacts....?
im getting fresh look colored contacts, i have blue/green eyes, some days they look blue and others green, but mainly blue.... what color should i get that would stand out and look right.... i have ...

 Should i wear my glasses when going out ?
I'm short sighted and i have been wearing glasses for a few years. I only use them for seeing the board at school. Sometimes when I got out to shopping centres, parks etc, people and things that ...

 What color eyes will my baby have? My eyes are light brown, my bf's are blue/green.?

 What causes deteriation of vision?
and how may i prevent it.

 Can 3 year boy use contact lenses??
he has minus 9 number to both the eyes...bacause his eye ball is big in size.......

 Is it better to rinse your eyes with warm or cold water?
Say you got shampoo in your eyes, or you're nervous that you might have, so you rinse your eyes out at the end of your shower. Is warm or cold water better? Or does it not make a difference.

 Sleeping in contact's ?!?
okay well , im staying the night at my friend kendra's house tonight and i forgot all the things for my contact's .
so what can happen if i sleep in them or what can i do ?

 Is it true that to produce a blue eyed baby both parents have to have blue eyes?
i am blue eyed like my dad but my mum and sister are green? it has been playing on my mind for a while now.
Additional Details
peter o - lol bless ...

 Do you frequently lose your glasses when you take them off?
It drives me nuts especially at night and I can't see to find them. Is there any solution apart from wearing them on a chain?
Additional Details
Sian - I'm not that bright....

 Do you wear eye glasses, would you allow a doctor to take a knife to your eyes, Laysic surgery?
I need glasses, but I don't think I would take a risk of someone taking a knife to my eyes....

 Is it true that if you keep your eyes open when you sneeze?
your eyeballs will pop out of your head?...

 Are my eyes crossed...or do I have a lazy eye? Lol....pic included. ?
When I was a baby I had crossed eyes. I'm pretty sure I grew out of it, but how would I know? Please let me know if it looks like my eyes are doin' something funky. Thanks. Lol.


 What does it mean if I see floaters at the relatively young age of 22?
Its not very common, but usually when I get done doing something like playing sports and getting out of breath I see little black floaters. It also happens when I'm not playing sports if I'...

 Color contacts?
ok im getting contacts but i dont know which color to get! any ideas?
this is me

 Eye Question?
If you can't see from far away does that mean you are 'Near-Sighted' or 'Far-Sighted' I get so confused with that!...

 My eye wont stop Twitching?
My right eye has been twitching all day today! I cannot take it anymore....what can I do??...

 Can you take a eye out and put in someone elses eye.?
can they do a opertion on your eye and put in someone eles eye....

 Is there a difference between prescription & non prescription reading glasses?
for instance can cheap reading glasses harm ...

 Can I wear contacts?
I'm getting an eye exam tomorrow at WalMart. I already KNOW my vision is 20/40 or 20/50, so my mom will probably make me get glasses. I don't see anything "blurry," per se, I just ...

 I am having trouble reading small print. Should I go and see an optimist? ?

How long can you keep your eyes open without blinking?

**falls asleep**

Does it really matter?

On average we blink about every 10 to 12 seconds. I can hold mine for about 30 seconds, but others may be able to do better.

In general, for all eternity if you are already dead.

The Joker's Apprentice
Until my eyes dry up like raisens and fall out.

Steven A
When i pley guitar hero i swear i dont blink at all.
So anywhere from 2-7 minuets depending on the song.

ali_baby anti jona$$ PRO FOOD
only 12 sec. lol i am soooooooo lame

about 30 seconds.

30 seconds, i just can't do it for looooong!! :-(

1 min..lol

Probably about 5 minutes, I just roll them back and close my eyes a little if they start getting dry. I always win in staring contests.

After 5 minutes when they're pretty dried out it gets a lot easier to not blink. I think the most I could do is like 3 mins.

Miley Rocks!
like 5 mins! i no im wired!

30 seconds to 1 minute.

23 seconds. lol

like 20~30 minutes??
my eyes become red but
it doesn't really hurt
idk but it's not really hard for me
welllll yeah it's kind of weird i know

Everything seems to be wrong...
3 minutes tops

I can hold my eyes open for 2 mins without blanking, but I hear if you go too long eventually your eyes shrivle up and then fallout of the sockets, which wouldnt be fun. So i dont try to push it.

dyslexic den
Last time I tried (three years and two days)
Do you think thats daft, well you started it

Joseph, II
-Depends on how Beautifull the Woman IS I'm looking at! :)

Arwen the Original.
About 10 seconds.

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