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 Color Contacts?
I finally received my color contacts to find that the colored part doesn't align. Therefore, it covers part of my pupil and when looking up close at my eyes, they look lazy. Is there a way to ...

 Are plastic sunglasses harmful for ur eyes?

 Any way to improve eyesight?
im 14 and the prescription degree thingy of my right eye is around 690. YIKES! my left eye is around 400 tho...

is there anyway i can improve my eyesight without surgery?...

 Are Contact Lenses Expensive??
Are they more expensive than glasses?? I'm shortsighted if that helps......

 Can you drive if you're blind in one eye?

 How can you tell if someone has a glass eye?

 Do you wear glasses, eye contacts, or neither?
Do you wear eye contacts, glasses, or neither?
Additional Details
This is a Poll!!!!...

 Does looking at a computer screen too long permanently damage your eyes.?
I find it very hard to read using a computer screen, but its the most efficient way to read all the literature I have to get through.
My eyes get sore and teary after a while (30mins). Every 15 ...

 Laser eye surgery anyone had this treatment and what was the results?
im shortsighted and normally use daily disposable contact lenses but laser eye surgery seems so cheap now that in the long run it wud prob be cheaper for me to have surgery. anyone had it done, what ...

 I have hazel eyes and i'm not sure if I should get colored contacts?
Would they show up above my dark eyes? I really would like green, or something totally out there, like silver or ...

 One of my eye poped out, how do I fix it?

 Does it hurt your eyes when you wear sunglasses?
it seems that whenever i wear sunglasses, a few minutes later my eyes start to hurt

i have several different pairs and my eyes start to hurt.....

i have really dark ones ..........

 Does wearing glasses when you have slight vision problems worsen them?
I have just gotten glasses to correct my slight 20/25 L and 20/75 R vision. Now, I'm just wondering if wearing my glasses for just when I cannot read the blackboard or if I should wear them more ...

 I want to get contacts, but I have astigmatism (don't see as sharply). What is the best brand for astignatism?

 Whats worse? I have a -1.25 and -1.00 eye? Which one is worse?

 How do i get grid of the yellowish color around my eye?
the area where its supposed to be white, has a light yellow tint. what can i do to get rid or prevent it without surgery?

thx for tha help!...

 Are there any eye drops that turn green eyes blue??
I have heard that several prescription eye drops have the tendency to turn your eyes another color : what eye drops can possibly turn green eyes blue?? - - Im just curious....

 My daughter has an eye sight of -10.?
My daughter who is 22 years old has an eye sight of -10.i am very much concern of her eyes . i cant see her wearing such big glasses.is ,this much of sight normal or its dangerous.please tell wat can ...

 I am considering contact lenses,how long can you keep them in?
i have went off the idea of laser treatment,i have now decided i will go for contact lenses,only thing is,i can be a bit skitty and forget things,so i will not remember to take them out every night,...

 Laser eye surgery, good points, are there any down sides?

How does your face change when you grow up?
What features become prominent or enlarge?? Anything?
Or is it different with everyone?
Additional Details
oops I put it in optical. =/ sorry I don't know how to change it.

Your nose grows an inch every year.

Junho J
apsolutely change
but looks remains in face when i was young

um i watched this thing on csi where they aged a child, i dont really remember but it was cool.

sarah m
well most of it is to do with your eye sockets so you did put this in the right place...my 3 month old daughter was born with a little eye and it does not sit in her eye socket properly...this means that there is no pressure to push the eye socket out which then moves the cheek and jaw bones...so until the put expanders in to make the socket move outwards she has a diff shape to her face on either side.... your face if fully formed and will only change with a broken jaw or nose when you are 14 yrs old....it will then only get fatter and thinner with weight gain or loss

your face loses/gains elasticity is the main thing

My nose got bigger, I got lovely little wrinkles around my eyes, and my once smooth looking skin isn't so much anymore.


ur nose gets bigger-unfortunately ...lol
ur ears get bigger, ur face gets gets different..lets if u gain weight ur face will get fatter and wider...if u lose weight ur face will be normal
if u lose 2 much weight ur face will be boney and weird
good luck

cheeks loose fat and the face becomes more defined

It's different with anyone, though for most people, when you age, you grow into your eyes, and your face thins out.

to tell ya the truth...........
Now I have crows feet and my face droops a little bit .My nose and mouth are the same :) and I am still just as cute as I ever was...I just appeal to the 40 year old men instead of the 20' year old men but that's OK I am 53 :) and married !

People age differently. Some will age fairly well, and look young at the age of 60 while some won't. Other than the fact that our ears and nose continuously grow, we all age differently.

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