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If you wear -0.5 contact lenses and -0.75 glasses, does it total to -1.25? And is it alright to do that or is it very bad for your eyes?
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Braga--I know my prescription, ...

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 When should i wear my glasses?
I have just collected glasses, this is the prescription:
Right -0.50
Left +0.25 x -0.25 x 154
When should i wear them, they never said?

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How do cross eyed people see?
Just wondering.

they can.. just see double :) eye patch on one eye maybe can help

I worked with a man that was born crosseyed. I asked him about it and he sees just fine. Because he was born with it his brain adjusted to it and he has 20/20 vision. He has a very bad case of crosseyes.

john e
Mostly straight ahead but a few see double.

Betty B
They see just fine because their brain adapt by ignoring the input from the deviated eye.

Even now, some people (not cross eyed), have problems seeing close and seeing far so they wear one contact lens to see close and one contact lens to see far and their brain adapt according to their focus.

The main problem of cross eyed people is from other people who think they look weird or do not see well.

Did you know that for the Maya (the remote cousins of the Inca, the Iroquois and the Eskimo), cross-eyed was admired and a sign of beauty so they hung beads of resin before the eyes of their infants to induce cross eyes.

Human brains have a crazy way of accommodating to what we see. I have a friend who was crosseyed and said she always sees 2 of everything but she's had that so long she automatically knows which image is the real one (she played basketball all the time, which amazed me). For other people who have one eye more dominant than the other, the brain sometimes "turns off" the image that it gets from the weaker eye

Mrz.DeAndre Way
They can see but just not clear. There is double of everything. Sometimes, they can see with glasses but not good. Try crossing your eyes. Thats the world of a cross eyed person

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