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 Bleeding eye?
Does anyone know whats wrong with my eye? It just got that way out of the blue. Does anyone know if it serious?

here is a picture


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How do I keep my contacts from drying out?
I heard that taking a shower and working out with your contacts in can dry them out. Really?? Working out can dry them? Why?

use solution !

use contact solution =]

Leave them in the solutions for at leat 4 hour and don't get yourself expose to hot water for example when you take a shower, and there a lot of steam it dry out your contact in a flash. The hot water just take the moist out of your contact, it heat.

I've never heard that working out in lenses can dry them out, but showering is another story. Water in your eyes washes away your tears and natural eye lubricants...hence, dry contacts. If you leave your lenses in anyway, rinsing your eyes with plain saline solution or using lubricating eye drops made SPECIFICALLY for contact lens use can be a quick fix. I would think the same would apply if your lenses felt dry after a work out. Good luck!

I never heard that. I ALWAYS had that problem. I decided to put in some extra money for the Acuvue Hydraclear contacts and change them every two weeks. If they don't get better from rewetting drops then you just need to get a different type.

When you take out your contacts you have to soak them in the cleaning stuff for about 4 hours. Dont wear them all day everyday, if you wear them 24 hours straight you will wear them out!

xxx.xx x
I shower and workout with my contacts in and I have NEVER had a problem of them drying out!!!! Sounds like a fairy tale to me. :--0

i used to wear contacts and they did dry out sometimes, especially in air conditioning. also it could be a sign that you're dehydrated, try drinking more water and see if it improved. i opted out of contacts and the hassles of them and got laser surgery, amazing!!!

Dave K
i've worn contacts for well over 10 years now and the only times i have trouble with them drying up is if they have been in too long or i'm very tired. your eyes should lubricate them while they are in, thats the whole idea, so unless you have a problem with your tearducts i cant see this as a cause.
showering with them in is a bad idea as is swimming without goggles, as water isnt a sterile saline solution and will cause them to feel dry, and also carries bacteria which may stick to the lenses. swimming pools contain clorine and can cause eye irritation without the added risk of contacts.

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