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Thanks! :)

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Additional Details
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well can it.
good answers ...

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So whats ur fave eye colour?...

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How do I clean glasses?
I just started wearing the glasses I got...and I don't know how to clean them...how do i clean them?

spit and tissue

white vinegar and rub dry with a soft cloth or paper towel.

eye glass cleaner.

Bandmember '08
with style

i have a friend called mr tissue and mr cleaning solution...

☆~A.s.B.a.T~ ☆

that girl
dish soap and water works well, and dry with a good towel, produces very nice and clean glasses :)
or you could buy the spray at the optometrist or at another store, either way, but this one you have to go out and buy something new (i did buy it when i first got my glasses, but the optometrist told me this way is good too, and i actually prefer it)

Katie D
i clean mine with regular windex

miss big brain
you can buy a cleaning cloth and also buy a special spray at your eye doctor.

you can just spray them with water and dry them

Well you should have gotten a special cleaning solution in a little spray bottle and a small cloth with your glasses and case. If not, just put clean water in an empty spray bottle and spray both sides of the lenses. Then, dry with a SOFT towel or baby blanket.

George G
Do your glasses have coatings. If not the just plain water is fine with a soft cotton cloth or microfiber cloth you can purchase from the place you purchased your glasses from. Sometimes they will give you one. Otherwise use some lens cleaner designed for eye glass where you can purchase from the same place. Never clean with a dry cloth or paper towel.

Pat D.
Dish soap and water

ok so i was JUST like you, so i asked my mom who has had them all her life, she told me to use liquid soap, then wash off with water, the dry with a towel. don't use a paper towel or tissue or anything like that, it can scratch them. don't want that! :-)

You can buy a cleaning cloth or some spray from your eye doctor.If you dont want to buy anything just use an old t-shirt, thats what we use at our office.

Emily D
u can buy cleaner made 4 glasses or run them under water then dry them

Joel Q
Ultrasonic cleaners are faster, more consistent, and safer than any other cleaning product that utilizes an ultrasonic cleaning process. Ultrasonic cleaners provide the the most effective way to precision clean any part with fine detail and small crevices. Hand scrubbing, soaking, or steam does not even come close.

Ultrasonic cleaners are portable but include the same high power, rugged transducers found on industrial systems sold to the automotive, electronics, and metalworking industries. These Ultrasonic Cleaners use engineered ceramics to assure both durability and superior power. Ultrasonic Cleaners are coupled with a new sweep frequency capability, so you get the best possible cleaning every time, all the time.

well you can get special cleaning stuff at like drug storesbut I suppose you could used glass cleaner
like windex or whatever.
and using a cloth would work best
but tisse works too

Man I'm Pretty.
water and a cloth dont use a paper towel, my doctor said that was bad.

Well they sell glasses cleaning kits ( you can get then from your eye doctors or walmart anywhere really)...Windex and cloth works and so does breath fogging and wiping with your shirt

alcohal prep pad like the ones they swab you with before you get a shot. you can get them at like cvs or target for $1.99 for either 50 or 100

If your glasses have an anti-glare coating you should only use special cloths with a cleaning solution. It should be sold where you got your glasses. If you use tissues or anything else, it will ruin the anti-glare coating.

My Name Here
breath on them so they fog and then rub them with a cotton cloth or a cleaning cloth.

Window cleaner and a soft cloth. Never use tissue or napkins or paper towels as they will scratch your glasses.

bubbly grl
get a lens cleaner (usually in a spray bottle) and spray each side of the lenses. so that would mean spraying 4 times. then u wipe them dry gently with a soft cloth.

What I do is breathe/huff on them like you would a window or mirror and wipe them with my shirt.

You can buy cleansing spray and a wipe to clean them as well.


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