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 Would you ever consider laser eye treatment?
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 Do your eyes start hurting and going blurred when?
staring at your computer screen, or is it just mine?
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LOL... Domestic troubles for Frank and his gf, as well as bad eye sight. : ))...

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Today when i tried an old pair of glasses (weaker prescription), i noticed that I see better with my old pair than with my ...

 Are contacts better than glasses?
I am short-sided and I wear glasses.

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 What is the color of ya eye ?
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 How can I get some more contacts without paying $100++ for another eye exam?
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 MY eyes have been twitching like crazy??? Help!!?
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 How long a day do I need to cover up my good eye for to make my lazy eye stronger?
I have a lazy eye but don't want to wear glasses or contacts. I just cover up my good eye and let my lazy eye strethen, I do this everyday but how long a day should I do it for?...

I want contacts, mum wont pay, help! II WONT wear my glasses ither|!!!
Additional Details
and also im too young to get a job.

im going blind...:'( i feel so depressed....

 Pink eye?!?!? will choose best answer?
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 What is a lazy eye and how to prevent it?

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 Sleeping with contacts on?
What happens if u accidentally go to sleep (overnight.. meaning sleep for like 8 hrs+) with ur contact lenses still in?

I've never done this.. but im just curious :O

(i ...

 I have been working for a company approxiamtely 5 months, im having eye surgery, monday, i getrting fired fri

 Can u get non-prescription colored contacts?
i really want colored contacts, is it possible to get ones that arent prescription and about how much are they and where ...

 I'm 15. Lasik??
i have a 500+ degree and wear specs.
Additional Details
but my degree has not changed for the last 2 years already....

 I woke up blind in my left eye?
this morrning i woke up and my eyes were bothh blurry as usual my left eye felt really sore but i rubbed them any way my right eye was fine but the pain and my vision in my left eye was worse i lay ...

How can you tell which eye is stronger?
Is there a quick test to find this out?

It's almost always tied into your handedness.

Eric P
You can shut an eye for 10 sec then open it. Do the same with the other count how much time does it takes for the eye that was closed to unblure. The one that takes less time is your stronger eye.

Dr Frank
Stare at an object a few feet away. Cover one eye, then cover the alternate eye. The eye that reveals the least movement of the image, compared to your view with both eyes open, is the dominant eye.

Look at a Vertical line with both eyes open and place your finger in front of your chosen position so the finger covers the line
Now close one eye then open it and then close the other eye
The strong eye will hold the same view as when you had both eyes open
The view with the weaker eye will have moved your finger to one side of the vertical line

Just cover one eye and try to read something and then the other. You should be able to tell even if there is a slight difference.

Hold one finger up in front of your face. Look at it with each eye. If your finger seems to move to the right hand side your right eye is stronger. If it moves to the left , the left eye is stronger.

Learning and Teaching
well you can do the above mentioned, but the best thing is to go to a doctor to find out. most of the differences in eyesight are only slight.

have sumone hold a paper up with writing and cover one eye and read it and then cover the other eye and read it. what ever one is best is your stronger eye

Paul MB
Most of us don't have a stronger eye. We may have slight refractive differences, making one eye see a little better. Eye dominance is what everyone is describing. How to determine your dominant eye....finger, paper with hole....that stuff.

Both eyes should see about the same. Both should be around 20/20 or 1.0 depending on the way it's written in your part of the world.

Go Figure
You can tell by seeing if you can see better than one eye.

There's a quick test.

You hold one finger up in front of your eyes.
Then you close your right eye and look straight forward.
Don't focus on the finger.
Then keep opening and closing the right eye. Do the same with your left eye.
You will notice that the finger moves when you open and close the eye on which you are testing.
There will be a difference.
The less the finger moves from side to side the stronger is the eye.
Normally, the difference doesn't matter and sometimes it is connected to right or lefthandedness.

Have fun! ;)

Why so serious?
COver each eye and do the eye test. See which one you can see more with.

Yeah close one eye then look at something relatively close like a few metres and see which eye has a better and clearer picture.

there is a way to find this out, the method is used for archery. this has to be done standing and either a mirror or someone else is needed. make both your hands completely flat and pull out the thumb so it looks like an 'L', then shape them like this (try to make the hole as small as possible, but big enough to see through): http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o163/hayderhoozeer/Picture4.jpg, http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o163/hayderhoozeer/Picture5.jpg
then, whilst keeping your hands like this, put your hands down. bring them back up to eye level and try to focus on something through the hole, now get someone or use a mirror to see which eye is visible through the hole, this eye is the strongest.
this works because when there is a small gap, the brain makes you use your strongest eye to look.

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