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Do They Have Contacts For A Lazy Eye?
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How can I tell if my contact is lost in my eye?
I have been wearing contacts for about 3-4 months and several days ago I thought that I dropped one but I didn't see it anywhere (they're clear) and it was in my left eye. After that my left eye got irritated and I tried to see if it was in there but I couldn't find it. And then it got better. But right now my right eye all of a sudden became irritated and is swelled up. It feels like something could be in there but my mom says her eye swelled up before and that it went down. It feels like something is in there but it could just be my eye. Because it is rather large. I am not sure but I was looking in the mirror about 20 min. ago and I pulled on something and I am not sure what it was but it hurt. Are you able to pull on your eye when it is swelled? I would like to know if it could've been the contact I was pulling on or was I pulling on my eye (the white part well.. it's red now)

i dont think that it can go back in your eye..but just incase..go to the doctor or hospital..

A contact cannot get lost in your eye, it is not anatomically possible. You could have been pulling on your cornea, which is very bad and would hurt a lot. You need to see a doctor, you should have gone right after your eye swelled. A piece of contact could have broken off and got embedded in your lid, which is what would be causing the swelling. Go to your doc first thing in the morning, for now take a pain killer and apply cold compresses to help with the swelling and pain. Not freezing, painfully cold, just put some ice in a bag and wrap a clean kitchen towel around it or a couple layers of paper towel.

Go to your eye doctor; that's really bad if your eye's turning red! Also, the eye doctors will be able to tell if your contact is lost in your eye or not. I had the same problem, and luckily it wasnt, but they said if contacts do get lost in your eye you could even go blind! Don't pull on anything anymore, you may have already even caused damage to the eye.

ive lost my contact in my eye before. its very uncomfortble and feels like dirt is caught in it. you could have been pulling at the contact. i dont think you can actually grab your eye ball without knowing it was that for sure. your eye will be red tho from the rubbing n stuff. if it still hurts by monday and you still havenet gotten it out then i would go to the eye doctor immediatly. it could ruin your vision even worse.

You may have had a small piece of the contact in your eye. I've noticed that the edges of mine become frayed and sometimes my eyes get irritated. Not to the point of swelling though.

If it's not the contact, then you might have a sty. I've never had one, but my brother-in-law has and he says it feels like sand in your eye. If memory serves, he said a sty is like a pimple under your eyelid. I guess they could be small enough where you couldn't really see them, but you could feel them. I'd suggest wearing glasses for a few days (if you have them) and giving your eyes a bit of a rest. If it doesn't clear up, might be a good idea to go to the doc and have it checked out.

It is too coincidental that your eye would swell up after you lost your contact. Have someone else look in your eye - Maybe you should to to an optometrist. They would know where to look.

Heaven L
It is very rare for a contact lens to get lost in your eye, i have probably read about one story about it. Usually it doesnt happen. It sounds like youre further irritating your eye by pulling on your cornea. Wait for the swelling to go down then look in your eye again.

yes, you have thin membrane layers on your eye, and this is prob what you were pulling at. Also you have membranes all around your eye, so the contact really can't get lost. It can, however get stuck in your eye lid. what it sounds like to me, is that you lost your contact, but may have irritated your eye, or maybe scratched it. if this is true, your mom is right and your eye will heal. get some saline solution, and put drops in your eye to keep it hydrated. if it takes more than a week to heal, it may be more serious. Good Luck!

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