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 Tanning Bed Helped Eye Sight???
This is kinda weird, over the last year and a half I have been using a tanning bed here and there and a lot of times I haven't been using the protective goggles to minimize the lines around my ...

 Contacts or Glasses??
i need one of them.
i hear contacts heart, but i dont think i would look good in glasses, plus i hear contacts take a lot of time to put on...do they hurt? how long does it take to put them on?...

 UK answers only please. How often is a person on income support entitled to free spectacles on the nhs?
Is it once a year, or once every three years?...

 How common is it to start wearing glasses for shortsightedness aged over 40?
I got my first pair of glasses for shortsightedness aged 40 when I realised the world was getting slightly blurry. Their strength was R-0.5 L -0.75. Three years later I've just got my third pair,...

 Can you change your eye colour (without contact lenses?
This is a silly question - I have green/blue eyes, can I make them bluer?...

 Floaties in eye?
I have had floaties in my eyes for a while now and my doctor said not to worry about them. Sometimes I get nervous because I think that this is a sign of blindness. Is anyone experiencing this same ...

 Information on laser eye surgery please?
I believe not everyone can have the procedure(is this true)also any info from people who have .thanks
Additional Details
phule has put me right off,i,m very squemish.i will not have this ...

 I don't know my eye color?
When I'm inside and it's darker my eyes are dark green, but when I'm outside they're light blue. Not a pale blue, but a light blue. So how do I know if I have green eyes that turn ...

 I have pink eye and work for a restaurant.. help!?
My boss is making me come into work, I am a cook, and have pink eye in both of my eyes. I'm trying to find information on Michigan Health codes and pink eye and can't find any information. I...

 Headache from new glasses!?
if your new glasses gives u headache for 2 days (till now) continually......does it mean there is something wrong with them....or are the eyes just taking longer than usual to adjust to the new lens.?...

 Whats wrong with my eyes?
when i wake up in the morning, i struggle to open my eyes and for a few seconds my vision is blurry. i gather alot of eye puss in my eye during the nights as well. its been happening for over three ...

 Prescription sunglasses vs. Glasses with clip-ons?
I'm going to be working outside this summer and need eye protection, but I also need to wear glasses. Contact lenses don't work for me, I've tried them before.

My options ...

 Would you get a laser eye surgery?
I saw an operation online on youtube , and i FREAKED OUT majorly...
also i read stuff about people going blind....i was reading http://www.whylasik.net ...what do you guys think?


 Why do my eyes change colours?
they'll go from brown one day
then they'll change to hazel
then they'll get a ring of gray around the edge
then they go grey
then green
then blue

 Do any of your contacts?
wear glasses?...

 Color Contacts....................
I have Hazel eyes, and i want to get Gold, Red and Purple contacts
Will the Red and Purple work with the color of my eyes? Will it actually change the color of my eyes to thos colors?

 Is three month's a long time to be wearing your contacts?
They were supposed to be thrown away a month ago. Will that damage my eyes?...

 Is it better to sleep with your contacts for one night, or to leave your lenses in plain water overnight?
many times i go someplace and i forget my lense solution so i sometimes dont know which would be the best option to do...thanx!...

 Should my 9 year old daughter gets laser eye surgery?
She wears glasses,and she has a weak eye on the left side they get straight when she wears glasses,but when they're off,her left side of her eye gets back crooked.Her doctor says that she needs ...

 I got gasoline in my eye at 6 mo ago but i am noticeing some problem seeing to read small print. .?

Bo Sschneider
How can I mess up my eyes so I can get glasses. I really want glasses and I need some help figuring out how to
mess up my eyes. At least someday before June 13th because that is my appointment. I need some answers by tonight please. If you can help me out please give a couple of suggestions. Thank you for your help!

"You are an Idiot" and I hope you get want. Just remember don`t push too hard for something you just might get it, and then you`re stuck with it. Good Luck to you.

Chloe ♥
dont mess up your eyes!
just buy frames without actual lenses in them
you will regret it later .

if you want glasses, just get yourself some frames. you can't mess up your eyes.

SERIOUSLY??? I've needed my glasses my whole life while my little brother had to go through 7 operations with his eyes and you want to mess yours up for the sake of glasses. I'm not gonna tell you not to do it...in fact I kinda hope you do so you can appreciate what people have to go through when their eyes don't work...

I used to think like that too... I was in elementary school and I wanted them so bad.... and now I am 24 and I need them to see and I hate it!!!!! Its not worth it!!! You can go to a place where they sell glasses and pick out the frames you want and they can make them with no power lenses!!!

dont u dare... glasses get very annoying and so do contacts after a while... just get fakes

dont mess with your eyes youl regret it later

Don't worry, if you wait long enough, you'll need glasses. Everyone does eventually. In the meantime, go to an optical shop, pick out frames and have plano (meaning no prescription) lenses put into them.

please don't mess up your eyes for the sake of glasses

go to an eyeglass store and buy a frame. You can buy them without a prescription.

CaliGurl♥ [HRM rocks]
get plain glasses w/o a prescription
Oh yeah, and I have something to add to Jill L's answer above (ok, never mind, she deleted her answer. but she had a list of why glasses are annoying.):
glasses break easily
they get dust on them, so you have to keep taking them off and wiping them
they can even get scratched, and you'll see the scratch until you get new glasses
they're bad to wear in the rain

You can not really cause yourself to need glasses. You can dammage your eye, like poke it with something, but that will just blind you and show how stupid it is and glasses won't help you. The eye doctor really can not be fooled. We have silly peopel that try that all the time. And, if you did succeed you would be wearing an RX that would give you a headache anyway. If you want to wear glasses, just buy the frames and ask for plain lenses to be put in with a cool tint or AR coating or something like that. I sell plain no rx glasses with Plano lenses ever so often for cosmetic purposes. Most of the time they put a tan tint and an AR coating on to help with computer screen glare. Ask the Doctor about that as well if you are on the computer. They might think it is a good idea. They might not.

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