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 Have u ever heared about someone whos eye color changed naturally(not bu contacts or surgery)?
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 Can you see bacteria on your?
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 Easy Question!For ppl who wear contacts?
do u regret getting contacts?
why or why not?...

 Is 20/20 considered perfect vision?
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 I would like glasses... but ....?
Hiya! Merry Christmas :)
Right, I would like glasses, infact, I'd love glasses, I went to the optitions, and I was told my eyes are perfect, so I can't have them.
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 Is Laser treatment for eyevision,especially for short sight, successfull ?

 Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner?
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 Can not wearing glasses lead to other health issues?
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 Is there any way you can improve your vision without wearing glasses or contact lenses?
Just curious....

 I just bought non-prescribtion color contacts but...?
the lady at the store told me i can only wear them 14 times is that true or can i continue wearing them?if i take good care of them can i wear them ...

 I know its not normal but why do i have 2 pupils in one eye?
dotor says that its going to disappear but never did... any help?...

How bad are my eyes?
my left eye vision is -3.30 and my right eye is -4.75. i wear glasses and there is no way i could go without them but how bad are my eyes? bad for a 16 year old?
Additional Details
second dude... negatives are worse than positives for nearsightedness

The dioptre measures are likely to stabilize around 20-25 yrs of age. It is advised to use spectacles or contacts for correcting the vision. Generally severe myopia measures above -6. In your case it is less than - 5, you only seem to have moderate mypoia. There is no need to worry. Around 20 yrs of age, you can go in for lasik surgery for correcting the vision. By this time your measurements would have stabilised.

Also make it a point to go in for thorough eye examinations every year to rule out retinal detachment and glaucoma.

Yes you have bad vision.But you can get LASIK Eye Surgery
go to website

lmfao thats not bad to me...im pretty sure one of my eyes is like 7. something LMFAOOOOOOO mine are really horrible...but as long as your not blind and they can be corrected it doesnt really matter if they are only slightly bad or really bad either way your going to need classes or contacts...

Yes, very bad.............Sorry.......I' m 31 and mine are -2.50 and -2.75

Nikitia J
I think it isn't great but it isn't awful. I am -7.30 and -8.25 and my glasses are an inch thick. Good news is that I have had bad vision all my life and my eyes started off at -6.5 and once I was your age they were those first two ones. Now I am 25 and my vision is the same was it was when I was 16. I am sure I will get worse in life but for now I think you are okay, and unless you have a severe stigma you should be a candidate for lasik

Victoria M
Your eyesight will continue to change until about your early 20s. I remember i asked my doc if my eyes were bad,and he said no. I think he said like if you are a .7+ then yes that is bad. So you dont have to worry,just make sure to wear your glasses everyday...:)

Your left eye is probably -3.50, not 3.30. Prescriptions are written in 1/4 increments. (Ex:-3.25,-3.50, etc.) You are fairly near sighted . Don't be surprised if you go up in correction over the next few years. Have you given contacts a try yet?

I'm not sure what was so funny about your question that the other person had to "LMFAO".

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