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Guy B
Hit in the eye with a tennis ball?
ya so i was playing doubles and i looked back and my teammate hit the ball right into my left eye. i couldnt open that eye and had blurry vision for about ten minutes. for the first 5 minutes my eye was watering.

now (about 10 hours later) when i look up the bottom left corner of my eye is red.

am i okay or do i need to see a doctor? my eye doesnt really hurt at all and didnt hurt that bad when i got hit.

Doctor Jones
A-HAHAHAHA!!!! oh man that is funny.

Maria R
I think you should be okay.If it dosen't go away by tommarrow then,I would go talk to an eye doctor.

If no pain persists, you're probably ok. Most likely busted a blood vessel- If you have any other problems though, go to the Doctor.

you need to go to the doctor to make sure no damage was done. my daughter fell off a table when she was very small and got a black eye. when we took her to the ophthalmologist they check her and she was ok. you can also get issues from this that doesn't necessarily cause pain.

Go and see a doctor.
A blunt trauma (like tennis ball) can have serious implications including a retinal detachment, vitreous haemorrhage or swelling of the retina (Berlin's edema), and a lot of not so serious complications too.

yes , you need to see a doctor , and specially for fundus examination , please don't be reluctant , this is serious

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