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 So.... I've still got that eye twitch.... 2 weeks now.... how could I get rid of it?!?!?
I tried massaging it. I'm not tired or stressed out. I had my prescription checked and it is fine.
What else??
Additional Details
thanks so far for you suggestions!
no, I...

 Can i get colored contacts?
my eye doctor said i cant & never explained why.is it because my vision isnt perfect or what?...

 Can I have surgery to correct vision If I have astigmatism?
I currently wear glasses. One lens is a lot thicker than the other. I can't see far without glasses, but can't read a book if I am wearing them. I still need to wear them to see the tv a ...

 I have something in my Eye, and Dont Know What It Is?
Whatever I'm looking at, i see this clear thread-like strand that seems to be inside/outside my eye that moves when I look around as my eyes move. I know its in my left eye. I have 20/20 vision ...

 Please help me no matter what i do i cant get my contact out of my eye, please help!?
my contact in my left eye wont come out becasue i fell asleep with it in, i was only asleep for like 3 hours but it wont come out, the right eye contact came out fine. i tried putting re-wetting ...

 Can opticians lie...?
about your need for glasses just to get you to buy them?
Additional Details
And is 25/65 vision good?...

does it matter with which one you wear?... is one better than the other? or is it up to the person that wears them to decide?
Additional Details
thanks for all the answers.. I will talk ...

 Contact lens question??
Me and my friend both wear contacts...both monthly, but recently her eyes have been going all blood shot and sore, she toldme shes wore them for over a month...what are the effects of wearing ...

 Dilated eyes and computer question?
my eyes have been dilated, and they still are at the moment, my pupils are big, i was told that it's bad to go on the computer and look at the monitor while having dilated eyes, will looking at ...

 Eyes? using a computer at work all day. my eyes and mind tired?
how can i relax and eliminate this heavy fealing in my head daily. its not a head ache.
im using a tft screen. my work demands alot of time on the comp. im quite ...

 Can we share contacts?
my bro and i bought a new pair of contact lenses. but we dont have the same colors. anyways, im kinda wonderin if would it be fine if we borrow each others lenses and use it sometimes?...

 How can I tell if my lens are glare resistant?

 I just got contacts a few hours ago, is this normal?
I have been wearing them for about 5 hours, and my eyes are still watering and my vision doesnt seem as clear as my glasses do, especially far away.

 Would I look good with contacts?
or do I look better with glasses? With or without makeup?

With glasses and makeup: http://i187.photobucket.
With glasses and no ...

 Yellowish color in eyes?
The part of my eyes that is supposed to be white looks yellowish and I would like to know if there is any way or if this is a problem or someone else too how to get rid of it and makes my eye color ...

 Should I get contacts?
I have real bad astigmatism especially on my left eye. Has anyone out there gotten contacts for their astigmatism? If so, how much & how do you feel now?...

 Why did my eyes change color?
as a kid, my eyes were brown, then as a teenager they were hazel, and now i'm 22 and they're dark green with an outer ring of a kind of navy blue-dark green blend, and a light brown spiky ...

 Despite doctors diagnosis... I'm still worried, help?
I went to the optometrist and had my eyes checked about a month ago. I've told him that I had black out episodes in my vision as well as colours flashing and blurry vision. He checked them and ...

 Question About contact lenses?
Do I need to see my eye doctor in order to get some or can I just walk in to walmart and pick some up. Do I need a prescription? Are there a certain kind I need to get in relevance to my vision?...

 Should I consider laser eye surgery rather than glasses?
Any comments welcome, I'd like to hear from other people who have had the proceedure, or have friends and family who have. I am seriously considering it as I hate wearing glasses....

Hey, is it normal to be able to focus and unfocus your eyesight? :S?
Hey guys, my eyes have been like this for a while, and I dont know if it's normal or not. When I rest my eyes and don't focus on anything my eyes go blurry. Is this normal, I'm really worried that there's something wrong.

Thanks guys
Additional Details
Edit: thanks a bunch guys, now I can put my mind to rest! :D you wouldn't believe how worried I was! It's been on my mind for years. I was getting to the point of thinking it may have been something terrible, dare I say it... *cancer* You have lifted a gigantic weight off my shoulders guys. Thanks again :D

Yes thats normal cause your actually relaxing the lens in your eye so vision goes blurry. It ia good to relax your eyes some each day!

Nothing to be worried about...it's normal.

Sounds Painful
I do that too, and my eyesight is 20/20.

Yes, its normal, and just your brain telling your eyes your trying to look at something, or telling them they dont need to focus, so dont strain.

nope that's really normal don't worry at all...

I've been able to do it since I was a child. Its never been a medical issue.

It's normal. Don't worry about it, I asked my eye doctor the same question a couple of years ago. Try magic eyes. (remember those) they are a fun way to let your eyes relax, and it's good for them!


This is normal. Healthy eyes are able to accommodate, or change the shape of the lens, to see clearly at different distances. So when you "relax" your eyes, you're really just accommodating for a different distance.

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