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Kevin jonas ALL THE WAY!!
Help. suddenly i cant see from one eye?
i woke up a few minutes ago becuase my eye was stinging like crazy. when i opened my eyes, i couldnt see well from that eye. its really bad and im scared. what is it? please help

you are blind i am sorry

Janice C
Go to the doctor immediately. It might be some contagious problems.

go to the nearest hospital immediately- and here's why... even if it's nothing (and it probably is) there's a chance it could be a sign of something serious! you NEVER want to take chances with your vision! at all! ever! only a doctor can determine exactly what's going on - and it IS 'better to be safe than sorry'! sudden eye pain or change in vision can be a symptom of something you DO NOT want to put off treating! plus- won't you feel a lot better when you know for sure? please go now! and good luck..!

funloving t
Well, you could either use the "Yahoo Answers guide to opthalmology" or see a doctor.
Hard call, really.

Matthew L
not sure what it could be but get yourself to an optician or hospital, it could just be temporary, but get some proffesional advice.

rad tap
When that happened to me I FREAKED OUT. I dont know how it was with you, but when it happend to me, i could see but it was kinda blurry. At first I thought that it was because I had just woken up, but I started rubbing my eyes. I started with my left eye and I was still seeing blurry. When I rubbed my right eye, I noticed that my vision was perfect. I rubbed my left eye again and it was blurry as hell

Needless to say, it FREAKED ME THE HELL OUT! I made an appt with an Opthamologist and he came up with Keratoconus (basically the shape of my cornea had changed slightly). I can't say that its what you have, but you should try make an appt with an opthamologist as soon as you can.

shannon h
Stinging sounds like allergies; from what i don't know.

Do warm compresses...(warm wash cloth to the eye for 15 minutes 3-6 times a day)

If that doesn't help after a day then consult with your optometrist.

It could be anything from a corneal abrasion to an corneal ulcer......

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