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1st line -.75
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glasses are from benjamin franklin days....

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oops I put it in optical. =/ sorry I don't know how to change it....

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 Contacts won't go in my eyes?
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HELP!!! My daughter got super glue on the lenses of her glasses......any suggestions as to how to get it off?
I understand that super glue remover is available, but I've also been told that it will ruin her plastic lenses.....Thanks!!

let it sit in warm water and then put some really good soap on and rub, rub for ur life!

Try soaking the lenses in soap and water for a while. Super Glue doesn't bond to everything and it might just be able to be peeled off. Don't use solvents, though, because they'll ruin the lenses.

It depends on the material of the lens. If they are polycarbonate, which they probably are if she is young (safety material), acetone will melt the material. If they are cr-39 (optical plastic), or glass acetone will work. If you tap the lens and it sounds hollow don't use the acetone!

Your safest bet is to take them back to the Optician, they should be able to remove it.

Gabe M

Rachel Rae
hot water and soap

if they are plastic lenses, she has ruined them and needs new glasses. Anything used to remove the glue, will further damage the lenses.

Super glue is a corrosive. The glasses are most likely ruined. One of the reasons it holds so good is it kinda melts both surfaces to join them. If you get super glue on some fabrics it will actually produce smoke. The acetone fingernail polish remover is also a bad idea. Most eye glasses are coated with a protective, anti-scratch or anti-shatter type coating, the acetone will damage that coating.

Straight acetone - nail polish remover probably won't work, but you could try that first.

Sorry, but the news is it's over with. Super glue remover will breakdown the plastic and ruin the lenses.

*For all other readers for future reference- superglue works on lots of things, but glasses is not one of them!

Use acetone (conveniently available as nail polish remover). If you have coated lenses, it may damage the coating, but it will certainly remove the superglue.

NOTE: After removing the superglue, clean the lens with alcohol or normal lens cleaner to get rid of the residue. Hope this helps!

Nail Polish....

acetone nail polish remover

Standard Super Glue is not recommended to be used for glass bonding applications. If bonded, soak in water until parts come apart.


Best Wishes!

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